Instagram will soon enable users to download Reels directly ‘with-in’ the app

Instagram will soon enable users to download Reels directly ‘with-in’ the app

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, today revealed some shocking news: anyone, wherever in the world, may now download public reels directly to their devices. Reels can no longer be saved in the Instagram app alone, as was the case in the past. You can now get Instagram Reels without looking for other websites or third-party solutions!

How to Get Reels on Instagram

According to Mosseri, all it takes is a few taps. To store a Reel straight to your device, simply click the share icon and select the download option. The caveat is that Reels that are downloaded will display the account name as an Instagram watermark. You’ve seen similar moves on other platforms for short videos, such as TikTok.

Concerned about confidentiality? Instagram has you covered. Account holders can quickly disable the ability to download their Reels:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Privacy, then select Reels and Remix.
  • Flip the switch on “Allow people to download your Reels.”

The problem of copyrighted music in downloaded reels is a common one. Mosseri sets the record straight: a downloaded video will not have any audio if a Reel rocks licence. Why? It guarantees that the musicians receive a just reward. Instagram keeps its word to promote labels and artists by turning down the audio in downloaded Reels containing licenced music.

Not to be forgotten is Instagram’s enormous following. It’s more than simply an app, with over a billion users each month; it’s a virtual community where people share their lives. Instagram is incredibly popular, ranging from influencers to your next-door neighbour. Reels downloads and other features only serve to feed Instagram’s growing popularity.

Instagram’s most recent development is expected to improve the user experience and maintain the platform at the forefront of social media in a world where sharing is everything. Prepare to explore the world of Instagram Reels, which is now at your fingertips like never before, by tapping away!

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