HD videos can now be shared on WhatsApp after the feature was added for photos as well

HD videos can now be shared on WhatsApp after the feature was added for photos as well

WhatsApp is still working to add as many features as it can to the well-known instant messaging service. In the past few months, the app has undergone a number of notable enhancements and improvements. It recently added support for sharing HD photographs, one of the most desired features. Another good inclusion is that the team is currently extending that functionality to videos.

How can HD videos be shared on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has confirmed that it supports sharing HD videos. It stated that the feature deployment had started and that users of Android and iOS could access it. Since the distribution is being done in stages, certain users might get it first. All you have to do is make sure the application is running at the most recent version.

Users of WhatsApp can now share high-definition videos with a resolution of up to 720p. Although you might be disappointed if you were looking for 1080p capability, it is still preferable to sharing at 480p resolution. Sharing HD videos on WhatsApp is exactly the same as sharing HD images in every way.

Once you have chosen the video you want to share, the app will display a new HD icon at the top. You have the choice between Standard Quality and High Quality when you tap the icon. To assist you in choosing, it will provide the precise resolution and file size for each selection. When you have a mobile internet data plan and don’t want to waste any of your valuable, restricted high-speed data, this is advantageous.

You will notice an HD logo next to any videos that are sent to you in HD resolution. This will alert you to the exceptional quality of the video you have received. Once more, it’s a useful feature that will let you to decide for yourself whether to download it immediately using mobile data or wait till you are connected to WiFi.

End-to-end encryption will still be used for protecting high-definition videos, according to WhatsApp. The feature rollout has started, as was said in the beginning, however it might take some time before it is made available to you.

In addition, WhatsApp now allows users to form groups without giving them names. As long as the group has a limit of six members, choosing a group name is no longer necessary. Based on the names of the group members, the app will automatically assign a name. Anytime you wish, you can change this name. The team is also putting final touches on the inclusion of group audio and video call scheduling. To guarantee that the most people can participate in the call, a user can choose the topic, time, and date.

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