Dolby Atmos allow you to use the speakers in your TV

Dolby Atmos allow you to use the speakers in your TV

To improve overall audio quality, some businesses let you use the speakers built into your TV in addition to the drivers in a soundbar or other speakers. For instance, Sony has Acoustic Centre Sync while Samsung has Q-Symphony. Earlier today, Dolby unveiled a brand-new Atmos functionality that will perform a similar matching function between TV speakers and any wireless speakers you may have in the room. The technology, officially known as Dolby Atmos FlexConnect, will make its debut in 2024 on TCL TVs.

According to Dolby, FlexConnect “intelligently optimizes the sound” according to the configuration of the room and the placement of any speakers. According to the company, the technology will liberate users from the sonic limitations of room size, furniture placement, and electrical outlet locations. FlexConnect will enable the placement of speakers anywhere in the space while calibrating each one to the TV speakers. Each user’s house receives a customised Dolby Atmos sound profile as a result.

Dolby says that setup is quick and simple because microphones built into the TV are used for acoustic mapping. Each speaker is located by those components before the aforementioned audio calibration is done. No matter where you are seated in the room, the outcome should be more constant immersive sound, according to the business.

FlexConnect also enhances other channels except the centre one. Instead, every speaker, including the ones built into the TV, has their sound adjusted by the function. The audio can be adjusted such that the TV handles the majority of the dialogue and the speakers manage the remaining front soundstage, for example, if the system detects that a pair of speakers are placed at the front of the room. The TV then handles dialogue and any noises that need to come from the front of the room if there are two speakers near the back of the room.

Interoperability is one feature that Dolby Atmos FlexConnect might use to its advantage. To use Sony’s Acoustic Centre Sync and Samsung’s Q-Symphony, respectively, you must own a soundbar and TV from those manufacturers that are compatible. It functions similarly to LG’s Wow Orchestra. Users would love it if they could, for instance, combine a TCL TV with a Sennheiser soundbar if manufacturers are allowed to include this new technology into their goods like Dolby Atmos as a whole. To go along with its future FlexConnect-compatible TVs, TCL wants to provide wireless speakers.

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