Google doodle celebrates Uruguay’s National Day

Google doodle celebrates Uruguay’s National Day

The Doodle of today honours Uruguay’s National Day, or Da de la Independencia, which commemorates the country’s independence from Brazil in 1825.

Conflicts ended three years after Uruguay declared its independence when Brazil officially acknowledged it as such in 1828. Since then, Uruguayans have been celebrating their independence.

The independence of Uruguay was fought for and won. The Uruguayan people have managed to survive the rule of numerous conquering nations from the beginning of the 19th century, including England, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil.

The night before the festival, Uruguayans start their celebrations to make the most of it. On the evening of the 24th, which is known as the Night of Nostalgia, it is customary for dance halls, music venues, and radio stations all throughout the nation to play vintage pop, rock, and disco music.

The following day, festivities include patriotic ceremonies, performances of the national anthem, and a spectacular fireworks show. During the holiday, Uruguayan flags can be seen fluttering through city streets, as shown in the illustration for today.

Happy Independence Day, Uruguay!

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