Google Doodle Celebrates Ukraine Independence Day

Google Doodle Celebrates Ukraine Independence Day

Today’s Doodle celebrates Ukraine’s Independence Day and was drawn by Kharkiv-based artist Olga Shtonda. On this date in 1991, Ukrainian officials signed the Act of Declaration of Independence and raised the country’s flag inside the Verkhovna Rada building’s session hall to signify the country’s independence from the Soviet Union. The national holiday honours all those who have died defending their nation, including those who are still at war today.

92% of voters supported independence in a resounding national referendum on December 1, 1991. The nation has reached a number of social, economic, and political milestones throughout its 31 years of independence.

The huge sky, lovely streams, and golden wheat fields of Ukraine are all shown in the blue and yellow national flag. These bold hues serve as a reminder to its people that they are a people who value freedom and are brave, vibrant, and together. The Doodle for today has the Ukrainian coat of arms and a trident that is frequently mistaken for a falcon to represent the nation’s icons.

Independence Day this year is especially significant because Ukraine is still fighting the ongoing Russian invasion.

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