Ubisoft is producing a live-action ‘Driver’ TV show on Binge

Ubisoft is producing a live-action ‘Driver’ TV show on Binge

In the event that you miss Driver games, you’ll before long will return to the classic open-world franchise — yet not in a playable form. reports Ubisoft is producing a live-action Driver TV show that will debut exclusively on Binge, a free gaming-oriented streaming service because of launch in 2022. The pair didn’t detail the plot or cast, yet it will not be astonishing if the series spins around racer-undercover-agent John Tanner.

It’s indistinct when the show will show up. It’s not ensured to launch close by Binge itself.

For some, the bigger inquiry might be whether there’s a huge audience for the show. Like with the reputed Splinter Cell series, Ubisoft hasn’t contacted the originating game brand in some time.

The last Driver game was a 2014 allowed to-play portable title, Driver: Speedboat Paradise, and the last genuinely enormous delivery was 2011’s Driver: San Francisco. This additionally isn’t exactly an immortal work of art. Aside from the absolute first Driver and San Francisco, most games in the series have gotten mediocre surveys and the deals to coordinate.

The series has a reason virtually tailor-made for TV, however, with its Bullitt-inspired premise and real-world setting. Also, take a gander at it along these lines: everyone wouldn’t be astounded if the show forecasted the development of a new Driver game, regardless of whether it was only a show tie-in.

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