Dyaa4 Is Gaining Global Popularity for His Peppy Rap and Music

Dyaa4 Is Gaining Global Popularity for His Peppy Rap and Music

Dyaa4, 25, has seen the hardship of life too closely. He’s had a turbulent past due to the internal war that his native country Syria had to endure in early 2014-2015. 

Because of Syria’s civil war, Dyaa4 had to leave his hometown at the age of just 19. But he has been resilient throughout his life. He knew that even though he had to leave his home country, the strife-torn Syria, due to political reasons, he would still make his country proud. 

“I don’t have words to recall those horrific moments of my life. Somewhere we are lucky that we could escape Syria on time. Once I was out of Syria, I knew that I had to start my career early. That’s when I delved deep into the world of music and rap. We took shelter in Germany, and I am extremely happy that I got a lot of recognition here,” Dyaa4 said.

Dyaa4, earlier known as Dyaa Kassoma, was born in Damascus, Syria, in 1996. He’s always been passionate about music since his childhood. During his childhood, he would spend a lot of time rapping songs. He found music as the best form of expression. 

At a very young age, Dyaa4 rapped songs and produced beats. He initially started doing it as a hobby and for his relentless love of music. Gradually, he started getting popular as more and more music listeners came to know about his creative abilities. He also launched some of his music online, and they took the internet by storm bringing him unprecedented fame and popularity. And there’s been no looking back for him since then. 

Things were quite difficult in the early days when Dyaa4 along with his family members arrived in Germany from Syria. He faced enormous struggles at both personal and professional levels in a foreign country. But he knew the only way to cross these hurdles was to do something big in life. 

With this noble thought in mind, he started exploring his career and passion for music. It not only refreshed his mind but also kept him away from unwanted stress and anxiety. Soon, he was able to make new friends sharing a common interest in music. A lot of fellow musicians and artists joined hands with Dyaa4, and it proved to be a turning point in his life for good. 

Dyaa4 is now a well-known rap artist with proficiency in both German and Arabic. He infuses the unique elements of his Syrian culture and tradition into his new music releases. 

“I have completely dedicated myself to music and art. In Germany, I got the platform to launch my musical career. It is going the perfect way. I couldn’t ask for more. People and music lovers have wholeheartedly supported me showering their praise and admiration on my tunes and composition,” Dyaa4 added.

Right now, Dyaa4 regularly releases his solo songs, music videos, and video clips on various online platforms. He has been also working on creating an online community for rap lovers since 2016. If you haven’t listened to Dyaa4’s interesting rap yet, do it now. 

Dyaa4’s composition and tunes contain the pain and emotion of hundreds and thousands of people who had to go out of Syria due to the deadly civil war. His rap and tunes capture those emotional stories of arrival in a foreign country while leaving their own birthplaces! 

As many people embarked on a new journey by flight with new hope, others’ dreams also got shattered at that very moment. 

You can follow Dyaa4’s life journey on Instagram to get inspired.

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