Due to privacy concerns, the Nothing Chats app has been pulled from the Google Play Store

Due to privacy concerns, the Nothing Chats app has been pulled from the Google Play Store

For years, iPhone users have been criticizing Android users because their messages appear in the infamous blue chat bubbles. An iMessage user can always determine if the person they’re texting with is using an Android phone or an iPhone because messages from other iPhone users appear as green bubbles.

Relatively new to the Android smartphone market, Nothing just released a new app called Nothing Chats that served as a link between the two. This meant that in iMessage, texts sent from its phones would appear as blue bubbles. But just a few days after its release, the software was removed from the Google Play market because of privacy concerns.

Nothing Chats grounded not too long after it took flight

Together with Sunbird, the Nothing Chats app was created. In a certain areas, it was made available in beta form to owners of the Nothing Phone 2. It was only a temporary fix because Sunbird had to forward the text messages from the Nothing Phone 2 to iMessage. This implied that users would also must allow the app access to their iCloud accounts, which would not be something that many users would find acceptable.

The Nothing Chats app has been removed from the Play Store, and the official launch has been postponed until further notice, according to nothing that has been confirmed. The business says it will need some time to address “several bugs,” although it does not elaborate on what those bugs entail.

It was recently discovered that messages exchanged through Sunbird were not encrypted end to end. Instead, they were being sent in plain text, which made them more easily compromised. Additionally, reports indicated that Sunbird would be able to view user messages as well, which is obviously not something they would be happy about.

It remains to be seen if these problems can be resolved to allow Nothing Chats to make a comeback to the Play Store. Users of Android devices may have to put up with their blue bubble status for a little while longer if they are unfixable owing to technical constraints.

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