Check out how WhatsApp’s much-needed “Silence Unknown Callers” feature works

Check out how WhatsApp’s much-needed “Silence Unknown Callers” feature works

Silence Unknown Callers is a new WhatsApp privacy feature announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta. The feature, according to WhatsApp, aims to give users more control over their incoming calls and protect them from spam, scams, and unknown callers. WhatsApp users can automatically block calls from unknown contacts using Silence Unknown Callers.

How it works:

On the user’s phone, calls from unknown numbers won’t ring. However, they will still be displayed in the call list, making it possible for users to review them at a later time in the event that any important messages are sent.

“You can now automatically silence incoming calls from unknown contacts on WhatsApp for even more privacy and control,” Zuckerberg stated in his announcement. The growing concerns regarding unwanted and intrusive calls are addressed by the new feature.

Users in India have been subjected to numerous WhatsApp scams and spam at the same time that the new feature was released. It is anticipated that there will be fewer instances of users being conned once the new feature is made available to all users.

Privacy Checkup

WhatsApp has also added a feature called Privacy Checkup that walks users through the most important privacy settings. Users can access a step-by-step procedure that enhances the security of their messages, calls, and personal information by selecting “Start checkup” in the Privacy settings. The company asserts that this strategy assists individuals in selecting the appropriate level of protection for their requirements.

Disappearing Messages, the capability to control one’s online presence, and screenshot blocking for View Once messages are additional privacy-focused features.

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