Young, Rich, and Connected: Story of Justin Melnichuk

Young, Rich, and Connected: Story of Justin Melnichuk

A young man at the age of 16 is already taking his reselling business to the level. Justin started by flipping individual pairs. Now he has scaled his business and passed the 1.4 million sales mark. But how has he been able to do this all on his own and at such a young age. Justin clearly does not let his young age stop him from getting a head start financially.

Justin uses online resources and social media to do all things sneakers. Justin is using the resources of his time to fully capitalize on money making opportunities and collaborating with others. Justin has hired a team of botters who essentially increase the odds of Justin hitting multiple pairs on release day. This makes it so Justin always has the newest releases so he can provide them to other stores and people.

Justin was truly inspired by people who did what he did before him. Seeing older generations reselling and how much it has developed over the years made it tempting to hop in and see if Justin has what it takes. Justin has proved to meet expectations as he sells to well known stores and celebrities all over the world. Justin did it through sheer drive and self motivation.

Justin continues to prove his capability as he continues as a highschool student. While maintaining good grades Justin still manages to run his business and set aside hours a day after school to ship out pairs to paying costumers. Justin provides the US and the UK with new hot sneakers to be enjoyed by any size.

Find him here:

Personal IG – @justinmelnichuk

Professional IG – @sneakerkiitchen

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