Apple’s AirPods Pro now include a USB-C charging case

Apple’s AirPods Pro now include a USB-C charging case

The port on the whole iPhone 15 lineup is changing from Lighting to USB-C, but Apple isn’t stopping there. The second generation AirPods Pro, which launched last year, will no longer have a wired charging connector, Apple stated during its event today. The AirPods Pro case may be charged from an iPhone 15 using a USB-C connection as well. The most recent AirPods Pro with a USB-C case are already available for pre-order for $249, and they will ship on September 22.

Apple has replaced the charging port and upgraded the casing and earbuds with dust protection. Previously rated IPX4 for water protection, they are now both rated IP54. Apple also disclosed that when used with the Vision Pro, the USB-C enclosure may be used for low-latency lossless songs. When the company’s headset is released the following year, you could expect 20-bit, 48 kHz sound thanks to the H2 chip.

The company’s second-generation AirPods Pro outperform the prior version in terms of audio quality and active noise cancellation (ANC) functionality. The transparency mode on Apple’s earbuds and headphones sounds the most realistic of any we’ve tested, which is a significant plus for both voice and video chats. You don’t need to shout since you can hear yourself so clearly; occasionally, it almost seems like you aren’t wearing them. Additionally useful conveniences include the enhanced volume control, hands-free access to Siri, and easy switching between iCloud-connected devices.

Along with iOS 17, Apple is getting set to upgrade the most recent AirPods Pro with three new capabilities. ANC and transparency mode will be precisely adjusted by Adaptive Audio to the your environment. As you walk from one location to another and come across various levels of ambient distractions, this programme “dynamically blends” the two. Apple claims that Personalised Volume employs machine learning to anticipate the listening level you prefer based on your activity over time. Finally, Conversation Awareness will reduce background noise, lower volume, and focus on voices. You don’t need to push a button to utilise it because it is activated when you begin speaking.

Along with those key improvements, Apple’s upcoming update will allow easy switching between different devices that are coordinated to your iCloud account. This includes switching, for instance, during a video conference from your iPhone to your MacBook Pro. Speaking of calls, the AirPods Pro’s stem will soon allow you to mute and unmute them. The first-generation AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and third-generation AirPods will all have access to this capability. There is currently no information on when the software-based changes will be released, although we anticipate them to do so soon.

Apple has also included USB-C to its wired Earpods. They cost $19 a pair and will be available this week.

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