Apple Watch Series 7 officially ditching the hidden diagnostic port

Apple Watch Series 7 officially ditching the hidden diagnostic port

The Apple Watch’s diagnostic port has been a mysterious part of the wearable lineup since its first model, however the new Series 7 officially ditches the six-pin port altogether.

Notice interestingly before Mac MacRumors, The lack of a port can be seen while eliminating the bottom strap of the Apple Watch Series 7 – the organization eliminated the secret board and the port behind it. Planned for internal diagnostic use, the port isn’t authoritatively perceived on Apple’s website or documentation. However, the diagnostic port momentarily hinted to the chance of broadening the Apple Watch with hardware accessories.

The most popular of these was the Reserve Strap, which endeavored to utilize the port for expanding the battery life of the Apple Watch by joining additional batteries into an uncommonly made band that would space straightforwardly into the diagnostic port. The port really offered faster charging than Apple’s own magnetic cable, as well.

Lamentably, Apple immediately blocked that capacity and Reserve Strap (alongside basically every other effort to harnessing the port for helpful purposes). For the resulting life span of the Apple Watch, it stayed helpful for its planned purpose: diagnostics for internal Apple use and fixes.

Obviously, Apple actually needs a way of doing diagnostics on the Apple Watch, and has all the earmarks of being supplanting the mysterious port with a significantly more baffling 60.5GHz wireless module that sets with an attractive dock equipped for nearby information move for inner use. That is directed to some speculation that Apple is utilizing the Series 7 as a proving ground for a future portless iPhone that could utilize comparative technology to replace cables for connecting to a computer. However, on the off chance that long periods of the futile symptomatic port have shown us anything, it’s that occasionally there could be not a single more prominent significance or utility in sight in proprietary diagnostic tools.

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