Europe to Welcome Rimac’s Verne Robotaxi in 2026

Europe to Welcome Rimac’s Verne Robotaxi in 2026

Croatian supercar manufacturer Rimac is entering the world of self-driving cars with a new brand called Verne. Due to launch in 2026, the project aims to rethink urban transportation with fully autonomous electric robotaxis.

The name Verne refers to French novelist Jules Verne, because according to the company, “he used the theme of travel as the driving force in his storytelling”.

Unlike competing solutions such as Waymo, the Verne robotaxi is a small, somewhat luxurious two-seater. The car is equipped with Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities from Mobileye’s self-driving system and will not have a steering wheel.

The interior of the new robotaxi reflects Rimac’s experience with luxury cars. It features a huge 43-inch display and a premium 17-speaker sound system that allows users to connect their smartphones. Passengers can control their calls and ride experience via a mobile app, adjusting everything from temperature to ambient lighting.

Despite the high-end features, Verne’s service will be “affordable for all,” according to Rimac founder Mate Rimac. If all goes to plan, Verne will debut in Zagreb, Croatia, and quickly spread across the continent. The company has already signed agreements with 11 cities in Europe, the UK and the Middle East, with talks underway for more than 30 more worldwide.

Rimac could move from supercars to launching a robotaxi sub-brand, thanks to a €200 million European Union funding round allocated to the company as part of a larger financial aid to Croatia under the EU’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery plan.

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