According to reports, TikTok plans to launch fulfilment centres to compete with Amazon

According to reports, TikTok plans to launch fulfilment centres to compete with Amazon
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Amazon is without a doubt the ruler of the e-commerce world, but TikTok, a social media firm, could give the online giant some competition.

According to a dozen new job postings from the company on LinkedIn, TikTok is preparing to open a number of fulfilment warehouses throughout the United States, according to a story from Axios published on Tuesday. The warehouses would “help sellers improve their operational capability and efficiency, provide buyers a satisfying shopping experience and ensure fast and sustainable growth of TikTok Shop,” according to one of these postings.

TikTok Shop allows producers to work with affiliated content to promote companies and items, even though the platform is best known for its short-form video app. Axios stated that TikTok would merely manage the warehouses and leave the shipping and logistics requirements to outside partners, unlike Amazon, which has its own transportation vertical.

One of several internet businesses competing with Amazon, whose revenue reportedly reached $469 billion in 2021, is TikTok. The Financial Times said that TikTok is also considering adopting a live-shopping function, similar to QVC, in time for the forthcoming holidays. This new e-commerce drive is just one way that the company is purportedly trying to make its imprint in online buying.

Similar TikTok e-commerce projects are currently operational in regions like Asia and the United Kingdom.

Notably, the TikTok news emerged on the same day as Amazon’s second Prime Day of the year, one of the busiest days for the firm.

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