Tizen OS from Samsung will soon be available on TVs from other brands

Tizen OS from Samsung will soon be available on TVs from other brands

Following LG’s announcement last week to make its webOS platform available to other TV manufacturers, its primary rival is now doing the same. Samsung has announced that it will cooperate with Akai, RCA, and a number of other brands (Bauhn, Linsar, Sunny, Vispera) that are sold in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand to licence its Tizen OS TV platform for the first time for usage in non-Samsung TV models.

In accordance with the partnership, these manufacturers now have access to Tizen OS features including Samsung TV Plus (a free streaming TV and video platform), Universal Guide for discovery and individualised recommendations, and Samsung’s Bixby and other voice assistants.

These agreements provide customers another option on less expensive smart TVs that may normally run Android TV, Roku, or Amazon’s Fire TV, as designers pointed out when LG initially said it would licence webOS to other TV manufacturers. Although many of the companies named are probably unfamiliar to you, the fact that Samsung is making its Tizen platform available suggests that US-sold TVs may eventually support it.

Instead of using Android TV, Samsung’s Smart TV and LG’s webOS are both good choices because they both include strong search and personalization features, as well as support for Apple Airplay and several voice assistants (including their own plus Alexa and Google) (though not Chromecast).

The majority of TVs and streaming devices, including NVIDIA’s Shield TV, continue to utilise Android TV despite the fact that Google TV is a significant upgrade. Google’s goal is for all third-party devices to eventually run Google TV.

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