7 Morning Routines To Counteract The Signs of Aging

7 Morning Routines To Counteract The Signs of Aging

Here are some practical suggestions to reverse ageing, such as having a breakfast high in protein, exercising Anulom Vilom, and beginning your day with healthy fats.

Your lungs are strengthened by deep breathing techniques like Brahmari, Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom, and Kapalbhati pranayam.

Fill Yourself on Good Fats to Start Your Day:

Good fats provide numerous advantages for both our bodies and minds. They not only give us energy throughout the day, but they can also improve memory and other mental abilities. Healthy fats such as avocados, fatty salmon, flaxseed, almonds, walnuts, and pecans can improve your general health when consumed first thing in the morning. It also reduces inflammation and enhances insulin sensitivity.

Awaken To Bright Sunlight:

Avoid giving in to the need to stay inside and relax during the morning hours, as sunlight contains a lot of Vitamin D. Sunlight exposure is also associated with cortisol balance and increased melatonin production, which promotes restful sleep.

Vilom Anulom:

One of the most powerful pranayama techniques for anti-aging, it was prescribed by ancient sages. It provides body cells with new oxygen and revitalizes them. In addition, it lowers stress levels and the body’s oxygen flow.

Practice Tongue Scraping:

This regular practice, which also helps eliminate germs and toxins from the tongue and lessens bad breath, can be done using a copper scraper. According to WebMD, scraping your tongue can help keep the proper ratio of beneficial bacteria in your mouth, which can help replace and repair older, damaged cells.

Sip Water From A Copper Vessel:

Fill a 300 ml copper vessel with water. Its numerous antibacterial qualities might lessen inflammation and enhance digestion. It is well known that copper helps with digestion, guards against acidity and constipation. It has anti-inflammatory qualities as well.

Put on Sunscreen:

Sunscreen shields the skin from damaging UV radiation and delays the signs of premature aging. Moreover, it lessens skin inflammation and the chance of developing skin cancer.

Eat A Breakfast High in Protein:

Consuming a diet high in protein can guarantee cell renewal and repair. It can help reduce undesired cravings and prolong periods of feeling full. Blood sugar levels are also regulated by protein.

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