Matt Movin creates music that’s real…and very powerful

Matt Movin creates music that’s real…and very powerful

The underground music scene is undergoing a hip hop renaissance as artist after artist keeps turning out bigger and better projects and generally displaying a level of skill and professionalism one wouldn’t expect to find outside of a major metropolitan market. The latest addition to this expanding talent pool is Matt Movin, a hungry young artist set to take the industry by storm.

Too often an emerging artist will compensate for a lack of experience (or anything relevant to say) by going hardcore lyrically, the idea being in their young and confused minds that crude and violent equals “real.” It is comparable to an amateur chef over-seasoning a meal “because that’s how the pros do it,” when in fact pros are well-versed in balance and restraint in order to evoke the best possible flavor in the kitchen—or on the microphone.

Here again, Movin’ demonstrates that young man or not, he has definitely experienced a more difficult life than not, and has clearly put the time and effort into his craft. His lyrics are powerful; he uses imagery and language with a deft touch and in doing so, he is as real as it gets.

Set to release his latest album “Movin’ be movin” in November, Movin’ is already gaining a lot of attention on his most recent video entitled “All Pressure No Let Up.” You can find the video on YouTube simply by searching “Matt Movin.”

The take-away is this: Matt Movin’ is a man with both the talent and the drive to achieve serious critical and commercial success. Whether that comes to pass next week, next month or next year, it will come to pass, and sooner rather than later.

For now, His music can be found on all major media outlets, as well as directly from Movin’ can be found as @iammattmovin on all social media.

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