3 Easy Tech Hacks To Improve Your Health

3 Easy Tech Hacks To Improve Your Health

The European Public Health Week has begun today. This year, the main theme is: Health is a political decision. Politically speaking, there is much work to be done in order to enhance peoples’ health.

In addition, a number of useful technical tools are accessible for individual usage in maintaining optimal health.

Global health concerns involve not only science but also politics, economy, and society. From the top down, there is much work to be done in the Netherlands to improve the nation’s health. Thus far, the Dutch government’s attempts to combat obesity and hunger have not produced the expected outcomes. Conversely, it seems like the environment is getting worse. Fast food establishments are more prevalent than ever.

Even though there is still more political work to be done, people can take action to keep their health. Leveraging technology can be beneficial in some situations. These three cutting-edge tech fixes are available.


Anyone looking to give up smoking should look into virtual reality treatment. An innovative method of quitting smoking is highlighted by the Open University research. Virtual reality therapy simulates real-world settings where smoking is prevalent, including cafes or bus stations, to immerse patients in situations that elicit cravings. This technique makes controlled exposure possible, which in turn helps control and eventually lessen the craving to smoke. Virtual reality’s immersive quality is essential to its effectiveness and presents a promising option for smokers who are having difficulty giving up.

Excessive Stress

According to research, heart disease, cancer, lung diseases, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide are the six main causes of mortality that are linked to chronic stress. However, music could be helpful for unwinding.

In order to promote relaxation, the Dutch business AlphaBeats has created a solution that combines neurofeedback with individual music preferences. Real-time music adjustments are made by the system, which uses an EEG headband to track brain activity and encourage a peaceful frame of mind. This technique aids in ending the loop of stress-inducing behaviors, such as smoking, in addition to lowering stress.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

One of the most important things for our health is sleep. We should make sure we get eight hours or more every night. A well-known app called Sleep Cycle uses technology to improve the quality of your sleep. It makes users feel more rested when they wake up by examining their sleep habits and figuring out the best times to wake up. The app’s integration with smart home appliances allows users to further customize their waking hours, which may lessen the need to smoke in the morning, a problem that many smokers face. This tool is an example of how incorporating technology into daily living can help achieve health objectives.

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