A hand-tracking feature has been added to the Flipper Zero digital multi-tool

A hand-tracking feature has been added to the Flipper Zero digital multi-tool

There are already a ton of applications for the Flipper Zero digital multi-tool, ranging from home system control to hacking. Now that it has partnered with Raspberry Pi, it can even play games. This takes the shape of a brand-new accessory for the device that is appropriately called the Video Game Module.

The module runs games written in C, C++, and MicroPython and is powered by the RP2040 microcontroller, which was built for the Raspberry Pi. However, the module takes things a step further to accommodate Flipper’s device’s peculiarities. With its 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and hand-tracking sensors, games can incorporate tilt and shake capabilities.

You might be asking yourself why you would use the tiny screen of the Flipper Zero to play actual games. The device’s 1.4-inch monochrome display might be sufficient for the hacking minigame it is sometimes linked to, but it would probably be insufficient for other purposes. Fortunately, video output to external displays is possible with the Video Game Module.

Put another way, the Flipper Zero becomes a controller and the game is played on a real screen thanks to the module’s collection of sensors and visual output. Seeing what the open source community does with this will be incredibly interesting. It might turn out to be similar to the much-maligned Ouya console-only better.

This is the most recent Flipper Zero module, and developers will probably love playing with the hardware. The device may function independently without requiring a connection to Flipper’s device, thanks to an integrated USB-C port that allows for communication with the microcontroller to make modifications. Consider it as a single Flipper module and a single Pico-type device with an integrated microcontroller.

The creator and COO of Flipper Devices, Alex Kulagin, is hoping that this add-on would “open new ways of using Flipper Zero” and “bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and nostalgia for retro gaming.” The Flipper Zero costs $169, but the Video Game Module costs $49 only.

Flipper Zero gaming is only one of its newest applications. Originally marketed as a multi-tool for hackers, this digital Swiss army knife is totally open source and can communicate with other devices by Bluetooth, NFC, IR, RFID, and physical connections. Fans of the adorable Dolphin-inspired devices have modified them to function as universal remote controls, key fob testers, cheating devices similar to GameShark, and much more. They can also open some safes, but we didn’t tell you that.

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