Google doodle celebrates the Djibouti Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Djibouti Independence Day

Djibouti Independence Day 2023 is celebrated in today’s annual Doodle! After 89 years of French rule, Djibouti declared independence on this date in 1977.

The country held its third independence referendum on May 8 of the same year to decide its future. The majority of voters, 98.8 percent, chose independence. Hassan Gouled Aptidon, who led the campaign, became the first president of the country.

People in Djibouti City go to a big parade on Independence Day, and political leaders give speeches to celebrate in front of the presidential palace. Other parts of the country host music concerts, fairs, and fireworks displays. At each of these occasions, the Djibouti national flag, which is displayed in the artwork of today and is waving, flies high in the sky. Skudahkhrais (lamb stew), marake kaloune (fish stew), and garoobey (porridge made from soaked oats and spices) are among the traditional delicacies that are enjoyed.

Happy Independence Day, Djibouti!

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