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If you have ever visited Quezzy the CEO’s instagram page or watched one of his motivations videos on youtube you already know the motivational effect his words can have on you. Whoever listens to his words feel inspired and invigorated to find love, happiness and to take on the challenges of everyday life. The motivational speaker –  who is also known as The Positivity Ambassador – can truly make you feel like anything is possible and that you are the CEO of you life.Whenever you are feeling down reading one of Quezzy The CEO’s quotes can help you put some pep back in your step and help you get one step closer to living the life you have always dreamed of. That’s why we put together this list of  the best motivational and relationship building quotes from this great man.

Quezzy The CEO is an American Motivational speaker, Certified life coach, and Author from Columbia South Carolina. He is best known for his “Ask Quezzy’ video series which can be viewed on IGTV and YouTube. He is also known for his autobiography P.I.M.P. Positivity Is My Purpose and his music album entitled “Listen Carefully”.

Real name, George C McLeod III, was born on October 24th, 1982 in Fort Bragg North Carolina. He is 5’9” and of African American descent. Throughout hislife he has lived in Germany, Hawaii, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, and Miami.

For most of Quezzy’s young adult life, he pursued a career as a rapper.  He has produced albums under the names Conquest and Pimpstick Quezzy. He was also the owner of HR Entertainment and Radi-O-Readi recording studio. Quezzy has also done jail and prison time for armed robbery,  possession of firearms, and transporting females for the purposes of prostitution

Quezzy is now known as the “Positivity Ambassador”.  After being released from federal prison on July 15th, 2018, he decided to use his past experiences to show people that everyone is capable of changing their life and becoming the person they were always meant to be. Quezzy’s goal is to help people develop and maintain a positive outlook and attitude towards life and to remind people that no matter what you are going through there are people out there who are going through the same difficulties and hardships that you are.  Quezzy believes that everyone has the power and ability to overcome their circumstances. After living a life of negativity for so long he now wants to walk in his purpose of helping people live the fulfilling and successful life they have always wanted to live.


1. Men…if you want a good woman…treat her like one!

2. You are single not because you are undesirable,but because there are a lot of people you are not meant to be with.

3. Don’t let loneliness make you call someone you don’t need to talk to.

4. When you love a woman the right way she will make you feel like the most powerful man in the world!

5. No matter what you go through remember you are blessed.

6. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to be selfish.

7. When you lose everything else the only thing you have left is faith.

8. You can be tired, broke, lonely, angry, broken, scared, confused, stressed, depressed, and still succeed!

9. Any man can feed your body, but only a real man can feed your mind, emotions, spirit!

10. Being thankful is a full time job.

11. There is nothing more powerful than a woman who knows her worth or a man who knows how to show it to her.

12. Don’t waste your time worrying about someone who is not worried about you.

13. Once you decide to love yourself it no longer matters who else loves you.

14. Life is too short to waste time on people who don’t value the time you have invested in them.

15. You might not know how, but no matter what happens you always find a way to work it out.

16. You are beautiful. You are talented. You are intelligent. You are strong. Don’t let someone who doesn’t deserve you cause you to forget it!

17. Life has a way of breaking you down and building you back up even better than you were before.

18. You love is valuable. Don’t give it away to someone who is not willing to pay the price.

19. If it doesn’t make you better…let it go!

20. The person we think we want and the one who can make us happy are usually two different people

21. Trying your best to be a good man is all she ever asked you to do

22. All of the suffering, stressing, loneliness, confusion, heartache, hard work, depression, and determination is going to pay off!

23. You know that breakthrough you have been praying for? I was told to tell you it’s on its way!

24. Don’t let losing someone you loved cause you to lose yourself.

25. You are smarter,more confident, more courageous. And more valuable than you realize.

26. I don’t care how you act, how you look, how you think, how you dress, what you believe, where you are from, how much you weigh or the color of your skin. You deserve to be loved so don’t settle for less!

27. Words are powerful. They can build someone up or tear someone down. How will you use yours?

28. If they took the time to get to know you they would fall in love with you more and more each day.

29. The only time you should walk around with your head down is when you are thanking God for removing the people and things from your life that are not good for you.

30. There are people out there who wish the best for you, who are proud of you, who care about you, who look up to you, who respect you, who want you, who need you, who love you. Stop focusing on the ones who don’t.

31. Your life, your pain, your trials, your poverty, your sickness, your setbacks, your hardships, your challenges and your heartbreaks are exactly what will lead to your victory!

32. If the people in your circle are hating on you, tearing you down, holding you back, mistreating you, it’s not a circle…it’s a cage.

33. If you know you are a queen don’t let them treat you like a pawn.

34. You are too good to let someone make you feel so bad

35. If you think about them doing you wrong more than them doing you right, it’s time to start thinking about someone else.

36. Choose someone that brings you heart peace not someone who breaks it into pieces.

37. When things go wrong, remember you will be ok, you can handle it, things will get better, it will not break you, you are in control.

38. You have to keep some people out in order to keep the love for yourself in.

39. The closer you try to get to someone who doesn’t want to be with you the further away you get from loving yourself.

40. The right person for you is out there. Don’t give up on love.

41. Keep being a person that people can count on even if most people won’t do the same for you.

42. As long as you don’t give up you already won!

43. You think you are looking for love when you are really looking for integrity

44. When I look at you I see greatness. I hope you see it too.

45. As a child I believed I could do anything. I guess I never grew up.

46. You words can change people’s lives. Make sure it’s for the better

47. You are who you choose to be

48. The success you have been searching for is only a few positive thoughts away.

49. You are talented. You are creative. You are intelligent. You are attractive. You are kind. You are generous. You are loving. You are worth it.

50. Failure is just success in progress

51. If you are going to have high expectations about someone, it might as well be you.

52. Dear self. I know I haven’t been treating you very well but I promise to take better care of you from here on out.

53. There is a time to work and there is a time to work harder!

54. If I tried to be like you I would miss out on all the pleasure I get from being like me.

55. When I look to the future I don’t see what I hope to do, I see what I have already done.

56. If you don’t know find out!

57. There are always going to be vultures waiting on you to fall

58. Many successful people have left their mark on the world. Why not add your name to the list?

59. Each and every one of your imperfections was perfectly picked for you.

60. Don’t give up. Everything you’ve been working for is right around the corner.

61. Sometimes to get where you want to go you have to step into unchartered territory.

62. The person I was yesterday and the person I am today have nothing in common.

63. They say you’ve changed ever since you decided to follow your dreams. Show them how right they are.

64. Focus is a super power. Just a little allows you to do the impossible.

65. Before you judge me talk to me. You might be pleasantly surprised.

66. Don’t be afraid to take your own path.

67. Sometimes traveling alone gets you there faster

68. Today is the perfect day to begin.

69. A little respect goes a long way

70. Someone out there is going through the same struggles that you went through. Inspire them to keep going.

71. Sometimes the best thing you can do to help someone is listen.

72. Being successful is not a state of being, it’s a state of mind.

73. No matter how crowded life gets there’s always room for you.

74. Today i am unafraid. Today I am unyielding. Today I am unstoppable!

75. The first step in chasing your dreams is walking out the front door.

76. Positivity is like air. You might not be able to see it, but if you stand still enough you can feel it all around you.

77. Everything you want to know can be found in a book. If it’s not, maybe you should put it there.

78. Yes we are friends, but I can’t hang out with you right now. My future is waiting and I can’t be late!

79. The pain will pass. The suffering will stop. The struggle will end. Keep you chin up!

80. Congratulations! You made it through one more day of hardship and you are one day closer to your happiness!

81. Don’t give so much of yourself to someone that you have nothing left to give to yourself.

82. You past is behind you. Keep it there!

83. We are on the road to success. Hop in. Here’s plenty of room.

84. I can’t see the top but if I keep going I have no choice but to reach it.

85. Yeah I got problems but I also have strength, determination, focus, ambition, drive, integrity, motivation, purpose, vision, dreams, patience, goals, and heart!

86. It’s a new day. Time to go harder than ever before.

87. Today I think I will decide to love harder, to care more and to be more generous.

88. Life isn’t perfect. As a matter offact it is very un-perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

89. This world is full of amazing things. One of those things is you!

90. My bills think they can beat me. My love life things it can beat me. My job thins it can beat me. The haters think they can beat me. My life thins it can beat me. They must not know how strong I really am

91. If you presence in my life is not contributing to my positive well-being then it is not required.

92. You are priceless. Don’t waste your time on someone that is too cheap to pay you any attention.

93. Everything in this world will try to stop you and will fail.

94. All I see is a world full of opportunity.

95. Keep fighting for what you want. So far you are undefeated!

96. Every morning make your first thought a positive one

97. When someone is truly sorry they will change their behavior

98. When someone truly cares about you , you won’t have to ask them if they do

99. Sometimes people with the worst past end up creating the best futures.

100. Wake up with the intention to do your absolute best. Everything else will fall into place.





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