Effective Time Management – This article by Mr. Ben Bander Abudawood

Effective Time Management – This article by Mr. Ben Bander Abudawood

Nowadays, it is said that employees are loaded with so much work. They have the to-do lists that they need to tick off and make sure that their work is done in a timely manner. The responsibilities do not stay at work, but they also have other responsibilities to juggle such as excelling at work, tending to their home, and socializing with others. All these responsibilities can be very daunting to employees and if they do not manage their time very well, it can lead to burnout.

Time management is a skill that is very much needed for employees especially in the current fast-paced environment of working. The definition of time management is the ability of an individual to properly manage their time in the most efficient and effective way possible. This is the secret of those individuals who can achieve and do so much more with their time. Even when there is a high amount of pressure and limited time, time management helps us to function more efficacious.

There are a lot of benefits that you can acquire from adapting the skills of time management and not only will this benefit you in your working life but also in your personal life. There is a saying that looking like or being busy is not similar to being efficient at all. Let’s talk more about the benefits of time management.

Stress Relieving

One benefit of time management is relieving stress. When everything is out of place, it can be more complicated to finish a task and in the end, stress you out that could cause burnout for employees. Making a schedule or a written plan can help to alleviate the stress as you can have a better projection of where your task is heading.

Prioritization of Tasks

Another benefit is it helps you oversee the prioritization of the tasks in front of you. When you have a plan, you will be able to manage the difference between an urgent or an important task. You can identify the time you need to complete and the duration of the task itself.

Opportunities for Advancement

Time management also gives you more opportunities for career advancement. Doing your task in a timely manner and efficiently gives you more time to focus on yourself and join classes or training that can improve your skills. These are the top skills that organizations search for in their high-potential talents.

Extra Time

When your working life is managed well, employees are able to spend more time outside work doing their own personal pursuits. This in turn helps them in having good mental health and makes them perform better at work.

Investing to gain additional knowledge in time management not only benefits the employee, but the whole organization. This is a much-needed skill that employees should try to learn themselves to become better time managers. A change is always not easy but it is better that we start little by getting into the habit of using schedulers, calendars, and planners to be accustomed to a change.

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