10 Summertime Superfoods You Should Eat

10 Summertime Superfoods You Should Eat

Here’s a dietitian’s list of cooling foods to help you deal with the strong summer heat, including cucumber, watermelon, and buttermilk.

The mildly pleasant weather will soon give way to scorching summer temperatures. There are several foods that will make it easier for your body to withstand the heat. In a recent Instagram post, dietitian Manpreet Kalra listed ten summertime superfoods that are essential to a summertime diet.

1. Cucumber

Cucumbers have a lot of water, which gives them all the nutrients your body needs to withstand the summer heat. Cucumbers are high in electrolytes and vitamins, including C, in addition to water.

2. Katira Gondh:

Gondh Katira is a popular natural gum that soothes upset stomachs and heals digestive problems. It contains a lot of fiber and minerals like calcium and iron. It can be made into jelly by soaking it in water and then adding it to foods and drinks. Make Gondh Katira detox water by combining 1 tsp of basil seeds with 1 tsp of Gondh that has been soaked overnight.

3. Watermelon:

Watermelon is the only summer superfruit that may offer immediate respite from the unbearable summer heat. It offers your body with all the nutrition it needs and is high in electrolytes, water, and vitamins including B6, C, and A.

4. Jowar:

Grain rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins including folate and vitamin B6 is called jowar. Minerals including iron, magnesium, and phosphorus are also present.

5. Buttermilk:

Probiotics included in buttermilk, a fermented dairy product, aid in better digestion and strengthen the immune system. It also includes minerals like calcium and vitamins like vitamin B12.

6. Detox Water With Mint:

This cool, refreshing herb works well in raitas, curries, chutneys, and cocktails. It’s a great addition to many summertime recipes. To make mint detox water, add fresh mint leaves to water.

7. Water From Coconuts

Regular consumption of coconut water has been shown to considerably reduce blood pressure.

8. Ghia

There are several summertime veggies that are incredibly light and nutrient-dense. One such vegetable that is high in electrolytes, water, and vitamins like C and K is ghia.

9. Juice From Sugarcane:

Sugarcane juice is a quick-fix energy and nutrient source that is very hydrating, rich in electrolytes, and contains minerals like calcium and magnesium.

10. Juice of Ash Gourd:

Ash gourd juice, another summertime favorite, is high in electrolytes, water, and vitamins, including B6 and C.

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