YouTube TV is expanding multiview feature outside of sports

YouTube TV is expanding multiview feature outside of sports

The multiview feature of YouTube TV has begun testing an expansion to include news, weather, and other content in addition to sports. The streaming service stated on Wednesday that it will gradually implement these changes throughout the summer; consequently, you might not have noticed them yet.

“Starting today in the Home tab, a small portion of members will see us testing up to 5 brand new multiview streams that will be available to watch 24/7 across news, sports, business news, weather, and Deportes,” YouTube TV tweeted.

In time for March Madness, multiview was made available on YouTube TV in March. At the time, the feature allowed users to simultaneously view up to four sports streams. CNET was informed at the time by a spokesperson for YouTube TV’s parent company, Google, that the company was evaluating alternative strategies for implementing the feature “across the variety of content YouTube TV has to offer.”

YouTube TV costs $65 for the first three months and $73 for each subsequent month. Later this year, the service will also begin streaming NFL Sunday Ticket exclusively.

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