The name of ‘Kraft Macaroni and Cheese’ is changing after 85 years

The name of ‘Kraft Macaroni and Cheese’ is changing after 85 years

After 85 years, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is changing its name.

According to the company’s announcement on Wednesday, the name Kraft Mac & Cheese is “meant to reflect the way fans organically talk about the brand.” In August, packaging with the new name will be available.

Customers will also notice that the box has undergone a minor redesign, which includes new typography, a logo update, and a single-hue blue that “amplifies the brand’s most recognisable asset — the noodle smile.”

According to Kraft, the effort to rebrand its mac & cheese as “comfort food” includes the new name and box. It can stand out from other, healthier products taking up retail space because to this differentiation. For instance, the Gal Gadot-backed company Goodles sells packaged macaroni and cheese that is higher in protein and fibre for a premium price. Similar goods made by Banza and Annie’s are promoted as being healthier than Kraft’s.

The price of Kraft’s mac & cheese has lately increased. A pack of EZ Mac had a 3.5% price increase, and a 7.25-ounce dish of Kraft Big Bowl Macaroni and Cheese saw a 20 % price increase in recent months.

Kraft said in a statement to suppliers that high demand, supply constraints, and uncertainty drove increasing input costs. The company added that the “upward trend in packaging, transportation, ingredients and labour costs persists, reaching levels not seen in decades.” The business decided to increase prices as a result of these rising costs.

The stock price of Kraft Heinz Co. (KHC) is up around 1% so far this year.

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