Your chances of living to 90 could increase with 5 regular habits— To learn more, see this life expectancy calculator

Your chances of living to 90 could increase with 5 regular habits— To learn more, see this life expectancy calculator

Increasing your likelihood of living to 90 could come down to your choices rather than just your genes, according to research.

Over 2,000 people aged 100 and older have been followed since 1995 as part of the largest and most comprehensive study of its type to see whether there are any factors that may help people live longer.

A life expectancy calculator was also developed by experts. It estimates the age you might live to depending on your responses to questions about your work schedule, medical appointments, sleeping habits, and other factors.

A 95-year-old person is typically doing so as a result of exceptionally good health habits, as well as luck and good genes, according to specialists.

5 habits to increase your chance of living to 90 –

  • In control of your stress.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Eat well by following a diet similar to the Mediterranean or Keto diet, which emphasises whole foods, healthy fats, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating too much red meat as well.
  • Exercise frequently, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day. Strength training twice a week and cardiovascular activity three times a week are recommended.
  • avoiding smoking.

Researchers were able to identify these five daily habits as being the most crucial for a long life through another study that followed the activities of Seventh Day Adventists.

No matter their colour, nationality, or financial background, members of the faith tended to live to be between 86 and 90 years old on average. They all faithfully adhered to the five habits mentioned above, which was the only thing they had in common.

“The healthier you’ve been as you become older.”

Researchers found that many people had doubts about living a long life, which inhibited them from appreciating the need of upholding healthy behaviours. “Some people think that the older you get, the sicker you get and that they wouldn’t want to live to that age”. And that’s actually very flawed reasoning . That rationale is actually seriously wrong, he adds.

He actually considers that becoming older makes you healthier.

A Boston University publication says that the specialist has had the chance to meet several centenarians, some of whom even lead quite busy lives.

According to the expert, “One lady I remember, Celia, she was 102 and she was never around for me to go visit her at this independent living community. “I thought maybe she was out seeing her doctors or something. But no, she was out playing piano at all kinds of gigs, and really complex Chopin .”

‘Women win the longevity marathon’

Another important factor in all of this is genetics. According to an expert, just “about 75% of living to around 90 is going to be your health-related behaviors.”

However, it reverses by age 110, and longevity depends more on heredity. When scientists looked at 200 people who were 110 years old and older, they discovered that having the appropriate combination of rare genetic variants was responsible for almost 75% of the capacity to live that long.

About nine out of ten centenarians are women, thus there is a significant gender component as well.

“Women very much win the longevity marathon compared to men. It’s not clear at all why women do so much better in terms of getting to these most extreme ages” , adds expert.

The life expectancy calculator in Perl can help you determine how long you might live. Following completion, you’ll get a breakdown of how to change your behaviours to extend your life expectancy and a calculation of how old you might live to based on your responses.

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