According to reports, users of Google Messages can reply with any emoji

According to reports, users of Google Messages can reply with any emoji
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RCS and SMS chats in Google Messages have recently gotten a tonne of new capabilities. It offered a selection of emojis that could be used to respond to specific messages in a chat. It’s conceivable that the power will soon grow.

According to report, Google Messages is rolling out full emoji reactions for a select group of users. Previously, users were only able to select one of a total of seven emoticons.

Users can now respond to texts in a chat or group since Google Messages enabled RCS. Users would choose the message, and immediately a panel displaying seven emojis, including Face with Heart-Eyes and Smiling-Face, would appear.

The pop-up panel would display an emoticon with a “plus” sign at the end after the latest update. Hitting that in 9to5 notes would launch a full emoji picker with categories to choose from (like any Android device would have noticed when hitting an emoji icon on their respective keyboards).

The full emoji picker is stated to appear after the recently used emoticons in the emoji picker. According to the report, it may eventually take the place of the seven instant messages that are presently available in Google Messages.

Additionally, according to report, this has been done in two cases with the most current beta, but it still has to be made readily accessible to the general public. Users may nevertheless become aware at any time in the next days.

One of Google’s best messaging apps, which is also the default texting app for Pixel smartphones like the Pixel 7 Pro, appears to be undergoing ongoing improvement.

Along with RCS and end-to-end encryption for group chat messages, the search giant has been introducing user-friendly features. In addition to the capacity to respond to SMS messages received from iPhone users, it recently introduced capabilities to enable Swipe to Reply for a message in chat.

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