Xreal Air 2: Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Its Release, Pricing, and Resolution

Xreal Air 2: Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Its Release, Pricing, and Resolution

The maker of AR and smart glasses, formerly known as Nreal, is introducing a new, small AR eyewear in the shape of sunglasses with the Xreal Air 2. It boasts new Sony micro-OLED screens and is reportedly more powerful and comfy than its predecessor.

Learn more about the Xreal Air 2’s features, pricing, availability, and type of technology by reading on.

What is Xreal Air 2 for?

The Xreal Air 2 extends the wearer’s range of vision to include the image of connected devices (such as a laptop, game console, or smartphone). A small smartphone display may expand to a virtual screen as large as 330 inches, or almost 8 metres.

Every time you turn your head, the transmitted image is automatically centred in your field of vision. For example, you can use a smartphone to stream movies from the Netflix app or to expand a laptop’s screen.

The virtual display may be moved or fixed in the space when used in combination with the Xreal Beam add-on. An enormous virtual curved screen appears in front of you as you utilise the Nebula software, which has a 3DoF AR user interface.

In addition to playing videos, checking the calendar, and playing brief virtual reality games, you can also drag and drop your own images around the space. As of right now, only smartphones can use Nebula.

It will be feasible to reflect your PC’s user interface on virtual curved screens using Xreal Air 2’s Nebula software, which has already been revealed for Windows and Mac.

Where is Xreal Air 2 officially available?

In the following countries and regions, Xreal Air 2 is officially available:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Great Britain
  • USA
  • Japan
  • China

When can you buy Xreal Air 2?

Pre-orders for the Xreal Air 2 can now be placed on the manufacturer’s website. November is when sales through online retailers like Amazon are expected to begin. Mid-November is when Xreal says the first units will be distributed to clients in the US and the UK. December is when shipments to Europe will start.

What is the price of Xreal Air 2?

The price of Xreal Air 2 is $459 in Europe, $399 in the US, and 399 GBP in the UK. Xreal charges 515 Euros, $449, and 449 GBP for the Pro version.

Which colours are the Xreal Air 2 available in?

The fashionable Wayfarer-style Xreal Air 2 is offered in graphite grey and carmine red. Graphite Grey is the only colour available for the Pro version. Additionally, Xreal sells sticker sets (Kaleido Kits) that let you customise the headset with six different colour options.

“Graphite Gray” and “Carmine Red” are the possible colours for the Xreal Air 2. | Image: Xreal

Weight and dimensions of the Xreal Air 2

The Xreal Air 2 weighs 72 grams, which is seven grammes less than its predecessor. The Pro model has a weight of 75 grammes. Both variations have the following measurements: 148 mm × 51.4 mm × 161 mm when unfurled, and 56.4 mm × 51.4 mm × 56.4 mm when folded.

Xreal Air 2’s display and resolution

Two 0.55-inch tiny OLED screens from Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation are a feature of the Xreal Air 2. Xreal clarifies what this means:

  • Resolution per eye: Full HD (1920 × 1080)
  • 49 ppd
  • Contrast ratio: 100,000:1
  • Brightness: Up to 500 nits
  • Response time: 0.01 milliseconds
  • Refresh rate: Up to 120 Hz

TÜV Rheinland Greater China has certified Xreal Air 2 and Xreal Air 2 Pro in the following areas: colour accuracy, eye comfort, low blue light, and flicker-free.

What does the package contain?

Along with the glasses, you’ll get a travel pouch, three nose cushions, a clip-on light shield, a prescription lens frame, a USB-C cable, and a cleaning cloth when you buy Xreal Air 2 or Xreal Air 2 Pro.

Does the stand-alone mode of Xreal Air 2 also work?

Without a connected device, Xreal Air 2 cannot be utilised. There isn’t an integrated battery in the display headset. The item that is linked provides the power.

What difference Xreal Air 2 Pro from Xreal Air 2?

Light dimming has been built into the Xreal Air 2 Pro. In order to maintain an ideal image under changing lighting conditions, “electrochromic dimming” is intended to consistently block the appropriate quantity of incoming light.

By clicking the mode button on the frame, you can easily alternate between three dimming levels:

  • Transparent Mode: No light blockage (0% effect). The real environment are readily apparent.
  • Productivity Mode (35% effect): There is still no difficulty recognising the actual surroundings.
  • Immersive Mode: Complete blocking of incoming light (100% impact). Nearly all of the surrounding area is obscured.

What devices is Xreal Air 2 compatible with?

Any device that supports USB-C display output, such as a laptop, smartphone, Steam Deck, or ROG Ally, can be connected to an Xreal Air 2. The USB-C cable that comes with the device might be enough, or you might need to buy an additional item.

  • To connect to an iPhone, you’ll need an Xreal Adapter or Xreal Beam in addition to an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter (separately sold).
  • Link up the Nintendo Switch, PS5, or Xbox game console: requires an HDMI to USB-C cable as well as an Xreal Beam or Adapter.
  • Use Air Cast to connect (AirPlay, Miracast, DLNA): Xreal Beam is needed.

Extras available for the Xreal Air 2

Xreal Connector

The Xreal Adapter allows the Air 2 to be connected to game consoles like the Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, or Nintendo Switch, as well as iPhones and iPads (an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter is also required).

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion polymer battery integrated within, with a rated capacity of 2600 mAh/10.01 Wh
  • Three hours or more of video playback
  • Up to 40% of the battery can be charged in 30 minutes.
  • Video output using USB-C up to 1080p at 60 Hz
  • Options for connectivity include USB-C DisplayPort output, HDMI input, and Lightning input (requiring an Apple Lightning digital AV adaptor).
  • Cost: $49

Beam Xreal

The iPod-sized Xreal Beam performs all of the functions of the Xreal Adapter in addition to enabling Air Cast (AirPlay, Miracast, and DLNA) and providing three additional “Spatial Display” display options.

  • Body Anchor: The picture is securely fixed in the space.
  • Side View: To see the actual surroundings, enlarge the image and move it to the edge of your range of vision.
  • Smooth Follow: The image follows the vision with a smooth delay when the head moves.

All devices with USB-C video output are compatible with the cable connection. In Air Cast mode, the refresh rate is stated to be 120 Hz. The integrated battery is expected to allow 27W quick charging, have a half-life of 30 minutes, and last for approximately 3.5 hours, according to the company.

Cost: $119

The Xreal H-C cable

The Xreal Beam or Xreal Adapter can be used to connect consoles via the 1.2-meter HDMI to USB-C connection (4K @ 60Hz).

Cost: $24,99

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