Xbox TV App Launched to Amazon Fire TV Sticks, expanding Microsoft Xbox gaming experience

Xbox TV App Launched to Amazon Fire TV Sticks, expanding Microsoft Xbox gaming experience

Microsoft made headlines today with the official launch of its Xbox TV app on Amazon Fire TV Sticks, a move aimed at enhancing the gaming experience for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. This innovative app introduces a new avenue for gamers to enjoy Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing them to stream a wide array of their favorite titles directly on compatible Fire TV devices. Despite its recent introduction, Xbox Cloud Gaming has rapidly gained traction among gaming enthusiasts for its convenience and accessibility.

According to reports from The Verge, the initial rollout of the Xbox app includes support for select Fire TV devices such as the Fire TV 4K Max (2023) and the Fire TV Stick 4K (2023). Currently, users can stream games available through Game Pass, with Microsoft actively working to expand access to the entire Xbox game library in the near future. However, games from publishers not participating in Xbox Cloud Gaming may remain unavailable.

Following the decision to cancel plans for a dedicated cloud gaming console, Microsoft has focused on expanding the reach of its Xbox TV app across a variety of devices. The app is already accessible on mobile devices, Xbox consoles, and select Samsung monitors and TVs.

To enjoy Xbox games on your Fire TV device, users will need a compatible Fire TV Stick, an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and a Bluetooth-enabled wireless controller. The Xbox app is readily downloadable from the Amazon Appstore, providing gamers with seamless access to start streaming their preferred games.

This strategic move represents a significant milestone for Microsoft in democratizing access to high-quality gaming experiences and lowering the barriers to entry for Xbox enthusiasts. By integrating Xbox Cloud Gaming into Amazon Fire TV devices, Microsoft continues to expand its ecosystem and reach a broader audience of gamers worldwide.

In the coming months, Microsoft plans to further enhance the Xbox TV app’s functionality, aiming to include more titles and improve overall performance. This expansion underscores Microsoft’s commitment to innovation in gaming technology and its goal of providing gamers with unparalleled entertainment options across various platforms.

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