iPhone 12 series arrived at 100 million sales only seven months after launch

iPhone 12 series arrived at 100 million sales only seven months after launch

The iPhone 12 series has been the best launch of an Apple lineup since the iPhone 6 out of 2014, reports Counterpoint Research. In those days it was the refreshed design and bigger screens that attracted individuals to the 6 series, what drove 12 series sales?

As indicated by the experts, it was the adoption of 5G on all models as well as OLED displays, even on the non-Pro phones. In contrast to past generations, this time around individuals flocked to the higher-end models.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max specifically – this was the most popular phone of the four representing 29% of total sales, up from 25% for the 11 Pro Max last year. Furthermore, these are the global numbers, mind you, the new top model was really well known in the US – 40% of 12 Pro Max phones sold call the US home.

The 12 Pro Max launched at a similar cost as last year’s model, $1,100, however since it’s anything but a greater segment of the product mix, the Average Selling Price (ASP) of the iPhone 12 series was higher. Truth be told, the ASP is at an all-time high. This is one reason why the iPhone 12 series acquired more cash, 22% higher revenue contrasted with the 11 series.

The other significant explanation is simple – Apple just sold more phones. The iPhone 12 series hit 100 million units sold all throughout the world in April, seven months after launch. The 11 series required two months longer to arrive.

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