Press Release

XBlush Magazine has a top production planning team, and was founded in 2020

XBlush Magazine cherishes originality and respects expression. It is a pioneering Chinese media that focuses on independent art, fashion and social phenomena.

YuRan,the founder of XBlush Magazine, With a senior fashion media background and a forward-looking international perspective. 

Excellent fashion theme planning ability, rich real-time shooting experience, maintain long-term high-quality cooperative relationship with famous photographers, stylists and art brokers.

Yan Ni was invited this time as the guest of XBlush Magazine first periodical in 2021.

As an excellent actress, Yan Ni, who owned all lead actress awards, also performed perfectly in front of the camera.

‘Although life hurt me a lot, I love my life consistently. This is my thought towards life.’ Yan Ni answered when she was asked whether she was a brave person.

She contains a sense of ‘fearless’ of feminity in her mind, which is positive and open-minded towards life, as well as persistence towards art.

She has already shaped so many characters throughout her career. Up till now, she has got numerous film offers and awards. She felt all her characters and life deep in heart, and meet more challenging film works, that what present to the audience will be a series of well-carved and transparent masterpiece!

She is the mysterious waters,

there the sunlight be bright and beautiful.

She uses her great passion to lighten the soul of every character.

We are looking forward to more surprises on her in the future.

Abigail Boyd

Abigail Boyd is not only housewife but also famous author. At age 12, her mother taught her to read and she immediately started writing stories. After that she starts to write short stories. She writes various kinds of short stories. She got married at the age of 21. Now she is writing news articles related to ongoing things in the world. She is on board with Infuse News as a free lance author.

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