World Nature Day: 8 Health Benefits of Getting Outside and Taking in Taazi Hawa

World Nature Day: 8 Health Benefits of Getting Outside and Taking in Taazi Hawa

A daily dose of nature’s medication is essential for general health. We are all imprisoned inside the walls, glued to our chairs in front of screens by our daily occupations and culture at work. It has become difficult to get outside and take a calm, fresh breath of air as a result of extended work hours. Going outside simply to enjoy natural therapy is a very underrated activity that should be given higher priority. You might find it hard to believe, yet even 30 minutes can have a positive effect on both physical and mental health.

World Nature Day is observed annually on October 3. It aims to raise awareness of conserving the environment, climate change, and methods to lessen its harmful effects. Therefore, on this day dedicated to nature, let’s learn more about its significance and how it impacts our health. Only then will we be able to appreciate the importance it is to preserve it.


  • Healthy for Lungs:

Going outside can help you take in some fresh air, which could lead to better breathing.

  • Sound Sleep:

Usually, our internal clock reflects the patterns of the sun. We feel most alert during the day and more worn out and sleepy at night. Being in nature can also assist to speed up the process of falling asleep and improve the quality of your sleep.

  • Reduces Stress:

Reduced stress is one of the numerous health benefits of regular walking. Additionally, it aids in boosting levels of brain chemicals that control our reaction to stressful situations that call for either flight or fight.

  • Release happy hormones:

Getting outside and spending time in nature improves calmness. In order to make us feel good, it causes the brain to release feel-good chemicals.

  • Help in Anxiety:

The chemicals that are released before, during, and after a nature’s connection may aid in reducing the daily worry we feel. It gives the mental strength to deal with anxiety and stress. Staying out of the house clears the mind.

  • Increases relaxation:

Even for those with insomnia, 30 minutes of walking can have the same calming effect as a sleeping drug.

  • Improves Self-Worth: 

In a healthy and active way, walking can increase your sense of self-worth and enhance your self-image. The answer is 30 minutes a day!

  • Increase Immunity:

Our immune system may become less capable of identifying harmful pathogens if we spend the majority of our time cleaning and maintaining the settings inside our houses. Even the smallest foreign bacteria can cause internal irritation.

Staying in nature allows us to unwind from the daily stress and commotion. Along with the above mentioned benefits it also promotes emotional wellbeing. Therefore, spending a few minutes in nature can help with a variety of issues.

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