X is developing features for live shopping and game streaming

X is developing features for live shopping and game streaming

Elon Musk is looking to make X become a “everything app” by utilising new video features like game broadcasting and live shopping. X Premium customers can presently access the basic game streaming features that the organisation formerly known as Twitter is experimenting with.

On Sunday night, Musk showcased the ability in a 54-minute Diablo IV stream that was posted through an unidentified Twitter account with the name @cyb3rgam3r420. Later, Musk replied to the post and confirmed that the feature was being tested by the business. A video was also posted by X engineer Mark Kalman showing how Premium customers can set up game broadcasting from their accounts by integrating Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) with their Twitter accounts through X Media Studio.

How serious X is about wooing streamers is yet unknown.Although the majority of the creator-focused features of other platforms are still missing, the functionality appears to support viewer comments in the streams. But it is only the most recent illustration of how X is using artists and fresh video features to entice more people to the platform.Separately, the business announced that, in conjunction with Paris Hilton, it will start experimenting with live shopping services. Hilton has agreed, according to Variety, to “create four original video content programs per year that include live-shopping features.”

It’s also unclear if X’s infrastructure can support the addition of new live video options. Large live audio and video feeds, particularly those augmented by Musk’s account, have been a problem for the business, which laid off several of its site reliability experts last year. The feed regularly collapsed when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made an appearance in a Spaces chat in May to declare a run for president with Musk.

According to Walter Isaacson, who wrote a biography of Elon Musk, the problem resulted from instability brought on by a hastily planned migration of one of the company’s data centres. However, it doesn’t seem like the problems have been handled entirely. Musk tried to live stream himself at the US-Mexico border just last week, but the video feed abruptly stopped after around four minutes. According to New York Times reporter Ryan Mac, Musk was eventually able to restart the feed, but only after he frantically emailed the whole X crew on behalf of the firm. He said, “Please fix this.”

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