Using Google Wallet’s new version, you can save more than just your money

Using Google Wallet’s new version, you can save more than just your money

A significant update that focuses on meeting users’ day-to-day requirements just made Google Wallet significantly more useful.

The ID, credit card, and ticket-management apps get three new features in the update, which comes in conjunction with Google’s big June feature drop. Boss among them is the authority send off of state ID and driver’s permit support for individuals living in Maryland. When the beta launched at the end of last year, we got our first look at ID support. It appears that the requirements have not changed: you really want to have a “telephone running Android 8.0 or later,” in addition to the gadget lock should be empowered.

Those advanced ID cards can likewise be utilized at TSA PreCheck lines at specific air terminals to accelerate the screening system. The official TSA website contains the complete list. Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia residents should begin to receive support for digital ID in the coming months.

Moving down the list, users will be able to simply take a picture of passes that contain either “a barcode or QR code” and digitize them. You will be able to upload things like parking passes, transit tickets with QR codes, and gym membership cards. Additionally, boarding passes and train tickets can now be directly uploaded to Wallet through Google Messages. However, RCS, or Rich Communication Services, must first be enabled. Due to the fact that it will only work with “Vietnam Airlines and Renfe, Spain’s leading train operator,” the new Messages support is only being rolled out in limited quantities. There is currently no word on whether the feature will be extended to work with other travel companies.

Plans for the future

Google plans to expand the Wallet app even further after the work is finished. According to the company, it is currently working on “developing a digital version of [the latter’s] insurance card” with the American health insurance company Humana. This kind of pass will require cardholders to verify themselves before adding or using the data because it would contain sensitive information. “Or other methods” include biometrics, a PIN, or both. The HMRC app will soon offer UK residents the ability to “save their National Insurance Number” to their wallet.

The tech company says it will support “corporate badges… giving employees convenient and secure access to buildings” at their workplace later this year. Regarding access, Google Wallet will be available in additional nations “in the next few weeks,” though the precise location is unknown. We contacted Google for clarification regarding the launch windows for additional regions and upcoming updates. If we hear back, we’ll update this story.

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