Traveling with Global Career Author Mike Swigunski

Traveling with Global Career Author Mike Swigunski

In today’s society, where everything from education to business is rapidly becoming more remote-based, Mike Swigunski is devoted to sharing his extensive knowledge working remotely with others to help them become successful.

Mike Swigunski is a bestselling author of Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever (Become a Digital Nomad Today with Remote Work). Additionally, he is a remote work leader and founder of Mike is an online business expert who has brokered millions of dollars in digital assets and has helped build an eight-figure remote company.

He has cultured a strong passion and knowledge for all aspects within the remote work realm and is engrossed in transforming how location-independent work and business are coordinated.

Mike’s ultimate goal is to positively impact millions by helping them transition to a remote lifestyle they will love. He is a firm believer in finding the perfect work-to-life balance as it varies from person to person. Mike stands by the belief that people should “work to live and not live to work.”

A Closer Look at Mike Swigunski

Born and raised in Wildwood, Missouri, Mike always had a sense of adventure as a child. During his college years, he studied abroad in Italy and fell in love with traveling and living overseas. After finding this newfound love, Mike was hungry for more, and the following year, he applied to become a study abroad student manager.

Instead of choosing a corporate career path, Mike booked a one-way ticket to Prague without having any job opportunities lined up. Once his study abroad program was finalized, Mike utilized his extensive Czech connections and relationships to propel his career search forward.

Because of his demonstrated success and robust connections with the Czech university, he was offered a teaching position in Financial Economics. This proved Mike’s concept of being able to travel and build a successful global career.

The Importance of Slow Traveling

Slow travel is one of the most efficient ways to explore and experience a country past the surface level. There is only so much you can see when visiting a country for a short time; this does not allow you the time you need to experience the country’s culture and traditions.

Mike enjoys spending months in a country and connecting with a hybrid of locals and ex-pats whenever he visits a new destination. One of the reasons that slow traveling is vital is because it is sustainable and removes people from the typical tourist bubble.

Instead of exploring typical tourist highlights, slow travel allows individuals to explore the country off the beaten path. Slow traveling is a significant benefit to the local economy. People spend money at local apartments and markets instead of in an all-inclusive hotel for a few nights.

Not only has slow traveling taught Mike about the world and opened his eyes to experience the beautiful things that it has to offer, but it has also taught him about the importance of making connections with the people you come across.

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