Tiger Woods Announced His New Collection Of Sun Day Red Clothing

Tiger Woods Announced His New Collection Of Sun Day Red Clothing

At last, the wait is over. Tiger Woods formally unveiled his new Sun Day Red apparel line on Monday afternoon at an event in Los Angeles, capping weeks of conjecture.

At an exclusive event close to The Riviera Country Club, the venue of this week’s The Genesis Invitational, Woods made the announcement. After the Masters last year, it will be his first official PGA TOUR event.

“It started with mom,” Woods said at Monday’s event. “Mom thought being a Capricorn that my power color was red, so I wore red as a junior golfer and I won some tournaments. Lo and behold, I go to a university that is red, Stanford is red. We wore red on the final day of every single tournament, and then every single tournament I’ve played as a professional I’ve worn red. It’s just become synonymous with me.”

Sun Day Red, scheduled to debut on May 1, characterises itself on its website as “a brand that promises to bring a new and elevated standard to performance wear and luxury lifestyle fashion”with clothes that feature “never-before-seen patterns, fabrication and technical detailing intended to elevate all levels of play.”

After Woods declared on January 8 that he was ending his professional relationship with Nike—the only brand he has worn—speculation about the news raged for weeks.

In two distinct postings on X, Woods made hints about the announcement. the initial reading,“The vision remains the same. 2.12.24.” That was followed by another post Saturday that said, “A new day rises. 2.12.24.” The latter post showed Woods in his trademark red shirt and black pants.

“It’s the right time in my life,” Woods said Monday. “It’s transitional. I’m not a kid anymore. I want to have a brand I’m proud of going forward.”

Under the TaylorMade brand, Sun Day Red is a separate business entity. CEO David Abeles of TaylorMade said that Sun Day Red will be headquartered in San Clemente, California, rather than at the company’s adjacent Carlsbad headquarters. Sun Day Red has named Brad Blankinship as its president, who will be in charge of day-to-day operations. Blankinship worked for well-known companies for many years, including as Quiksilver and RVCA.

“This brand stands alone,” Abeles said. “It is independent from TaylorMade and it is run by an independent group of leaders that are part of my team – I couldn’t be more thrilled – so that we can focus on what matters on this brand most. … This brand will have its own identity. It will have its own identity when we launch it tonight. It will have its own identity 20 years from now.”

When Abeles explained to Woods that each stripe on the abstract Tiger signified one of his fifteen significant wins, Woods responded,”Well, what are we gonna do when we get to 16?”

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