This is Us season 5

This Is Us season 5 abbreviated by two episodes, the finale will air May 25

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Season 5 of This Is Us — which was to comprise of 18 episodes, similar to every one of the past seasons — will currently finish up after episode 16. In a promo that aired the finish of Tuesday’s episode of NBC’s hit family drama, it was uncovered (and affirmed later by NBC) that not only would the show get back to the air on May 11, there are just three episodes left in the season. Given that Tuesday’s episode was the 13th of the season, indeed, you can figure it out.

The reason for the little decrease in episodes is surely the pandemic, and different shows have additionally needed to manage their episode orders. This Is Us has needed to adapt to the challenges of an unusual timetable this season. Just like the case with numerous different shows, the spread of COVID-19 has deferred production on various times, bringing about a poor start for season 5, and just four episodes airing in the fall.

The show has aired nine of the most recent 15 weeks, and will currently set aside another break — this time for about a month — to start developing a hold of episodes to complete the season. Coincidentally, the finale on May 25 will be seen at an alternate time, 10 p.m., given that The Voice will air that evening.

It isn’t yet affirmed that two additional episodes will be added to next season’s order to make up for the less episodes this season. In 2019, NBC ordered three additional seasons of the series, at 18 episodes for every season.

In the previous evening’s episode, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) rejoined for a raw and legitimate discussion about race and their relationship.