The Top 5 EA NHL Games Ever

The Top 5 EA NHL Games Ever

NHL video games have been produced by EA Sports since the release of NHL Hockey in 1991 and are scheduled to be released with NHL 24 in October 2023. Some of them are excellent, while others aren’t so good. However, just a select number stand out as the greatest hockey video games ever created. currently taking a look at my favourite 5 NHL video games that EA Sports has released over the years in recognition of yesterday’s #NationalVideoGameDay.

1 – NHL 14

NHL 14, the undisputed GOAT of NHL video games, wasn’t particularly good at anything. Instead, it achieved a lot of wonderful things. This game featured something for everyone, whether you played online with friends or offline by yourself, from EASHL to Hockey Ultimate Team. NHL 14 also won the “Best Sports Game” prize at the 2013 E3 Game Critics Awards thanks to a lot of nice deeds. Consider yourself lucky if you had the good fortune to play this game while it was at its best.

2 – NHL ’94

NHL ’94 has been referred to the best sports game of all time, and for good reason—it was the first NHL video game to have official licences from the NHL and NHLPA. This game was ranked 59th on IGN’s list of the “Top 100 SNES Games of All Time” because it combined elements of the real-life NHL for the first time with a bevy of gameplay enhancements. Even now, NHL ’94 is still a significant game because there is still an annual NHL ’94 tournament and current NHL games have paid tribute to the classic game with a special game mode.

3 – NHL 06

NHL 06 was my first real introduction to NHL video games, and it was certainly a pleasant experience. A fantastic music and the ability to execute skill moves like the between the legs shot or the Zegras pass before it became popular made for an incredible game.

4 – NHL 10

NHL 10—another fan favorite—brought us first-person fighting and the option to fight on the boards. But without a question, the addition of the Be A GM Mode was the game’s greatest improvement. NHL 10 was the first video game to ever give fans the ability to run their own team as if they were the general manager making every decision.

5 – NHL 07

NHL 07 introduced some new and realistic aspects to the game as it was the first NHL game to be launched on the then-new Xbox 360. This game’s ability to simulate stickhandling with the right thumbstick and a wider selection of controller schemes greatly increased the feeling of immersion.

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