The best five ideas for Kazuchika Okada’s WWE debut

The best five ideas for Kazuchika Okada’s WWE debut

The likelihood of rain that changes the terrain is higher than ever, so WWE might want to contact a weatherman.

The wrestling community has already been updated on Kazuchika Okada, the rising star in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, becoming a powerful haven. Naturally, the Internet Wrestling Community is already abuzz with talk about what his next move will be.

It should come as expected that Okada is at the top of every wrestling promoter’s hiring list given his significant role in the recent growth of NJPW. Though it’s generally accepted that he will join with AEW, WWE feeds on the idea of “Never Say Never.”

Thus, the 36-year-old’s WWE debut would need to be extremely memorable if he were to decide to give it a go. Here are five ideas on how he ought to make his debut.

5. Answering a CHAOTIC open challenge

An open challenge from WWE is a subliminal way of telling fans they’re in for a surprise. This tactic might also be effective for Okada’s future debut.

Currently, the Rainmaker is the leader of the Chaos faction in NJPW. For those who do not know, this group was founded by Shinsuke Nakamura, who also served as its initial leader.

In the modern day, Nakamura has developed a reputation for including interesting clues in his enigmatic promotional material. With his rivalry with Cody now in the past, The King of Strong Style might begin ‘calling out’ a well-known figure in his own special way.

A significant debut for Okada may result from weeks of enigmatic promotional material, with enough hints for fans to figure out. This would be followed by the announcement of an open challenge.

4. Gunning for another Club

Kazuchika Okada is no stranger to faction conflict, having been a pillar of the NJPW’s recent history. Thus, it is not surprising that he has had conflicts with The Bullet Club.

A group consisting of three ex-members of the abovementioned faction is presently active in the WWE. The group in issue is called The O.C., and the members are Karl Anderson, Mia Yim, AJ Styles, and Luke Gallows.

Additionally, AJ Styles won the company’s top award by attacking Okada to start his 2014–2016 NJPW tenure. Therefore, it’s not possible that the Chaos the commander will repay the favour by going straight after The Phenomenal One in the home he built.

This would also aid in resolving the issue of SmackDown’s current lack of top level heels.

3. From spectator to Superstar

One of Triple H’s trademark methods of introducing major signees with the company was to have them sit ringside at a Takeover show back when he was running NXT.

The Cerebral Assassin may resume using the same strategy now that he is in charge of the creative for the main roster. He might display the four-time G1 Climax champion in the front row of a PLE or special RAW edition to introduce him to the WWE Universe.

Before a heel gets on the wrong side of the potential newest purchase, this might continue for a few weeks. This would cause him to scale the barricade and face the concerned superstar, so intensifying the predicament instantly.

However, for this strategy to succeed, Okada’s heel—the person who brings out the beast in him—must possess a great deal of fire. Bronson Reed or Gunther would be excellent choices for this work.

2. Saving the day for a Knight

Without a doubt, one of the best wrestlers of the modern age is Kazuchika Okada. But there’s a good likelihood that a significant portion of the WWE Universe hasn’t yet discovered his outstanding work.

Creative is therefore forced to proceed carefully so as to treat him like a major deal from the beginning. Even for a brief period of time, it would make sense to couple him with a well-known celebrity. Should he be intended as a babyface, helping LA Knight could be a great way for him to make an impact.

Well ahead of Okada’s arrival on the stage, spectators in the building should be waiting the renowned ‘Coin Drop’ before the music starts. In addition, it would be very helpful to have a sequence of vignettes preceding the talk.

So when it comes time for the show, the prize he would win for saving The Megastar might well be one to remember.

1 Challenging for either WWE World Championship on his debut night

No Superstar in the modern WWE has ever won the big one in his debut bout. The firm might alter that with Okada.

They ought to postpone the seven-time World Champion’s debut until RAW or SmackDown following WrestleMania 40 if the Sports Entertainment Titan is successful in acquiring him.

The Rainmaker may make a lasting impression on the devoted WWE fans from all over the world packed into the building by facing the top champion of the show. He must be quite explicit about the fact that he is aiming high.

The show ought to be age-appropriate, regardless of the Champion—CM Punk, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, or Cody Rhodes.

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