SEGA announces date of Football Manager 2024

SEGA announces date of Football Manager 2024

Football Manager 2024 (FM24) will be made available on all platforms on November 7, 2023, according to a recent announcement by SEGA.

With improvements to set pieces, man management, squad formation, Matchday, and much more, FM24 is full of fresh features that heighten immersion and improve gameplay.

Fans who pre-order FM24 and FM24 Console between now and launch will save 10%.

Furthermore, individuals who pre-purchased on PC and Mac will have Early Access as soon as two weeks before the scheduled debut, and single-player careers begun at that time can be carried over when the game updates for the official launch.

During the week starting October 22, new features for FM24 Console and FM24 Touch will also be unveiled in advance of the game’s release in November.


Four versions of Football Manager 2024 will be offered:

FM24 for PC/Mac
FM24 Console for Xbox/Playstation
FM 24 Touch for Nintendo Switch
FM24 Mobile for iOS/Android

Both FM24 Console (Xbox) and FM24 (PC/Mac) will be available with an Xbox Game Pass membership.

With regard to the mobile version, Football Manager 2024 will migrate to Netflix Games, where it will only be available to Netflix subscribers.

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