The new Netflix and Max bundle from Verizon is $10 per month with advertisements

The new Netflix and Max bundle from Verizon is $10 per month with advertisements

Customers of Verizon will soon have an affordable option to subscribe to Max and Netflix. Customers of myPlan can get a bundled subscription to both services for just $10 per month starting on December 7.

The ad-supported Netflix and Max plans, which cost $6.99 and $9.99 a month, respectively, are included in the bundle. Accordingly, Verizon’s bundle is approximately $7 less expensive than the two separate contracts, which is consistent with the rumours that surfaced last month regarding the agreement. Since there isn’t another Netflix and Max combo available right now, if you’re already a Verizon customer, this is a respectable deal.

This promotion is only available to Verizon myPlan customers. The three unlimited plans available for the service are $100 per month for Unlimited Ultimate, $90 per month for Unlimited Plus, and $75 per month for Unlimited Welcome. These prices are for one line and do not include any discounts. The $10/month add-ons that Verizon offers, such as a Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus streaming bundle, an Apple One subscription, a Walmart Plus membership, and now a Netflix and Max subscription, are not included in those pricing.

Stated differently, if you were to sign up for Verizon’s Disney Plus bundle as well as the Netflix / Max bundle, you would be paying around $20 a month for the full suite of services.

While rivals in the streaming space, such as Netflix and Max, don’t usually provide bundles, it seems reasonable that consumers would look for cheaper streaming options and eliminate unused subscriptions in the face of continuous price increases. There may be more rivals vying for customers than just Netflix and Max; there are rumours that Apple TV Plus and Paramount Plus may also provide a bundled package.

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