The Amara Raja Batteries Limited company has become the Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited company

The Amara Raja Batteries Limited company has become the Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited company

Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), a company that specializes in automotive and industrial batteries (listed as BSE: 500008 and NSE Code: AMARAJABAT), said two years ago that it will expand its emphasis beyond batteries to cover the larger energy and mobility industry. With the official name change to Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited (ARE&M), the company has officially completed its journey. The company’s dedication to its new position as a comprehensive service provider in the energy and transportation sectors is further shown by this strategic shift, it says.

Automotive batteries, industrial batteries, battery energy storage solutions, lithium-ion cell manufacturing, a number of EV chargers, lithium-ion battery pack assembly, renewable energy storage solutions, battery management systems, and lubricants are just a few of the solutions and goods offered by Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited (ARE&M).

According to the company, the new strategy will be supported by two pillars: maximizing the value of the current lead-acid battery business channel through related products, and promoting the expansion of the new energy industry.

In order to house the Li-ion initiatives, a subsidiary called Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies Private Limited (ARACT) was founded in November 2022. As part of these initiatives, the company is building a 16 Gwh Gigafactory for producing cells and battery packs as well as a cutting-edge collaborative R&D facility called the E Positive Energy Labs.

Our transition to Amara Raja Energy & Mobility is more than just a name change; it reflects our move away from being a battery-only company and follows our consistent messaging in becoming a leading enterprise in integrated solutions in these markets, according to Vikramadithya Gourineni, Executive Director – New Energy Business. We are committed to offering a big boost, and we’ll start by assuming leadership in the rapidly expanding Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) market, where our technologies have already proven their viability.

“In building our formidable battery business, we have established a robust distribution channel, brand equity, and the trust of our customers,” continued Harshavardhana Gourineni, Executive Director – Automotive & Industrial. These key assets will enable us to expand into new application areas and categories, like lubricants, with confidence. Within the next few years, we expect to develop a sizable non-battery company in related items.

“Over the past three years, we have made significant investments in our in-house R&D capabilities and have strategically partnered with companies at the forefront of new energy technologies,” said Jayadev Galla, Chairman & Managing Director, in expressing his confidence for this new chapter. We are confident that we can guide the world toward a cleaner, greener, and better future thanks to our shown ability.

Amara Raja is a supplier to the Indian Railways, the OEM and replacement UPS market, telecom service providers, telecom equipment makers, power, oil, and gas industrial segments. The industrial battery brands owned by Amara Raja are PowerStack®, AmaronVolt®, and Quanta®. Amaron® and Powerzone car battery brands from India are also produced by the company. In accordance with OE agreements, it also provides automotive batteries to companies like Ashok Leyland, Ford India, Honda, Hyundai, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, and Tata Motors. Over 50 nations around the world import industrial and automobile batteries from Amara Raja.

Amara Raja Infra Private Limited (ARIPL), a division of the Amara Raja Group, recently won a 100 MW solar power project in Bangladesh. The project is estimated to be worth $130 million. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd announced in May that it was constructing the first Gigafactory in Telangana, which, if operational, will be the largest in India.

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