‘The Masked Singer’ Releases the Rubber Ducky’s Identity: See the Star Hidden in the Mask

‘The Masked Singer’ Releases the Rubber Ducky’s Identity: See the Star Hidden in the Mask

Anthony Anderson, star of “Black-ish,” was identified as Rubbie Ducky on Wednesday’s edition of “The Masked Singer.” After a special episode on Sept. 17 that featured the unmasking of Demi Lovato, the Fox competition show’s Season 10 returned to begin regular season game play.

With Anthony Anderson, Ken Jeong got it right out of the gate. Robin Thicke chose David Arquette, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg thought it was Marlon Wayans, Nicole Scherzinger thought it was Jaleel White.

Demi Lovato, who served as Anonymouse during Season 10’s unmasking, is now joined by Anthony Anderson as Rubber Ducky.

This season of “The Masked Singer” will include a new structure with three groups followed by episodes of the Battle Royale semifinals. Additionally, the “Ding Dong Keep It On Bell” is returned in the Battle Royale semi-final episodes of the season, where the judges can choose to spare one competitor from elimination and take them directly to the finale. One Wild Card contestant is introduced to each group.

Season 10’s new costumes include “Donut,” “Anteater,” “Hawk,” “Hibiscus,” “Diver,” “Gazelle,” “Royal Hen,” “Pickle,” “Cow,” “Rubber Ducky,” and a life-size “S’More.” There are sixteen celebrity singers in total. Celebrities who have previously been revealed since the start of the show are also coming back to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Season 10 finalists, according to the programme, “boast a combined 40 medals, 33 Grammy nominations, seven hall of fame awards, three lifetime achievement awards, and over 50 tattoos.”

A tribute to Elton John, a “Trolls Night” in honour of the November release of DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls Band Together,” a “Harry Potter Night” airing the week of Halloween, “NFL Night,” “One Hit Wonders,” “Disco,” “2000s Night,” “I Wanna Rock,” and “Soundtrack of My Life” are a few of the season’s themed episodes. Together with panellists Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Robin Thicke, host Nick Cannon is back for Season 10.

Here were the other performances on this week’s episode:


Song: “Uninvited,” by Alanis Morrisette

Panel guesses: Camila Mendes, Lucy Hale, Vanessa Hudgens

Clue: Movie soundtrack. “Not only do I act in movies, I also sing in them.”

Package voiceover: “Like a gazelle, I’ve always leapt head-first into opportunities to be on stage. After seeing a Broadway show at 6 years old, I knew I wanted to perform for a living. When I was just a teenager, I took a huge chance and performed in a national talent competition. But, I crashed and burned. It was superbad. It made me almost swear off singing for good. But music was always my first love. Now, I’m ready to prove to myself that I’m ready to get up there again and prove my all. There’s so much beauty in conquering your fears. And, it really helps if you can face them behind a gorgeous Gazelle mask.”


Song: “Any Way You Want It,” by Journey

Panel guesses: Adam Levine, Tom Sandoval, Scott Disick

Clue: A magazine that says, “11 million eyes on Diver.” “The more people talk about my business, the more I want them out of it.”

Package voiceover: “Diving into a completely different persona feels like a nice escape. I’ve been everyone’s favorite person to hate. And to be honest, I get it. I’m the first to admit that I’ve made mistakes. But honestly, I did it for love. It hurts when I get judged by people who have never even met me. And become a scapegoat for every bad dude they’ve ever known. But I’m hoping all of that will melt away when I hit the stage. Getting to share my voice without the preconceived notion of who I am is really what I need right now. So tonight, I’m really getting my head in the game. Because I’m not ready to go back to the real world just yet.”


Song: “Slow Hands,” by Niall Horan

Panel guesses: Joey McIntyre, Justin Guarini, Kevin Richardson

Clue: “Starring S’more” on a film platter. “As you can tell, I’m very talented on and off stage.”

Package voiceover: “Gather round, campers, for the tale of the swashbuckling S’more. Just like this many-layered dessert forged in fire, my life has been all about blazing my own trail. I started out on a rocket to fame. A journey from obscurity to major heartthrob status in a matter of weeks. Millions cheered me on, step by step, as I became a household name. I traveled the lands near and far, making headlines with fellow adventurers and idols. It was bliss. And when I finished with my travels, I hung up my cape. I thought it was the end of the road, but I was still hungry for a new journey. So that’s why I’m here to conquer the Masked Singer stage. This S’more is going to make you melt.”


Song: “Come On Eileen,” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Panel guesses: David Arquette, Wayans Brothers, Anthony Anderson

Clue: “The Duckys” signed celebrity headshot. “My family is full of stars. Check out the headshot.”

Package voiceover: “Hey there. The name’s Rubber Ducky. Ready to splash on the stage. Here’s how my story goes. Movies and TV shows, I’m used to being the rage. Oh yeah. I started out pretty humble. Came up from nothing to fame. Nice to see you all. Tried stand-up comedy, learned it wasn’t for me. But now, I’m a household name. I can say that I’ve made my way solitarily. But behind everything I do is my family. You know it. So now that you see, here we go. I’ll quack my way to the finale.”


Song: “Bones,” by Imagine Dragons

Panel guesses: Shawn Stockman, Usher, Leslie Odom, Jr.

Clue: “Blockbuster” movie ticket. “One of the better things about me all started with a moo-vie.”

Package voiceover: “Cows like me don’t often make it out of their pen. When I was younger, I felt destined to stay at home and live out a simple life in black and white. But I always knew I wanted to stand out. I had big dreams of being a big star. But I used to have a little trouble handling my emotions. Until I discovered I could write, and leave whatever I was feeling on the page. After that, everything changed. The gift eventually led me to No. 1. I won Grammys, traveled the world, I made hit after hit. I guess you could say I was my own cash cow. I was always meant to live my life in color. And I’m bringing that same energy to the stage. Because you’re about to see, there’s no one like me.”

“The Masked Singer” is produced by Fox Alternative Entertainment, with James Breen (who is also showrunner), Craig Plestis and Cannon as executive producers.

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