Snapchat says the application will quit smashing if you download the update

Snapchat says the application will quit smashing if you download the update

The latest version of Snapchat has been tormented by a bug that constrained it to crash after launching, however no more! An update has been made accessible in the App Store to address the issue, which was apparently just influencing the iOS adaptation of the application (Android clients don’t see to have encountered a similar issue).

Amusingly, the bug seems to have been imbedded in a support update delivered on June 28 to fix various bugs clients of the informing stage had been encountering.

The issue originally became visible after various Snapchat clients took to Twitter to whine about the bug, which apparently saw the application showing a “something turned out badly — kindly attempt again later,” mistake message while attempting to stack the application just before out of nowhere slamming. After The Verge’s Mitchell Clark tweeted about the issue, Snapchat’s senior VP of item, Jacob Andreou, answered with a little damp with sweat face emoticon to tell everybody that the bug has since been amended.

On Monday, Snapchat’s help group let clients realize they knew about the issue, prompting would-be Snappers (?) in a tweet to “Keep things under control, we are investigating it and chipping away at a fix!”

In fact, a refreshed as of late added to the App Store appears to take care of the issue, and all things considered, the fix was optimized after Snapchat’s item group got mindful of exactly the number of individuals the bug was influencing. (Snapchat — which is somewhat surrounding the channel of oldness in any case — truly can’t stand to annoy clients like that now.)

In the event that your telephone hasn’t naturally snatched the report all alone, pulling down on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the App Store ought to revive the accessible updates and permit you to download the fix.

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