Rivian’s 400-mile electric vehicles have been postponed until 2023

Rivian’s 400-mile electric vehicles have been postponed until 2023

Rivian is informing customers that it will not be producing R1T pickup trucks with the “Max pack” battery option until 2023, instead prioritising those with the normal “big” battery pack (via Electrek). According to an email from CEO RJ Scaringe, the company will prioritise orders for the higher-end “Adventure Package” trucks with the normal battery, while the lower-end “Explorer Package” trucks with the larger battery will follow later.

The 180kWh Max pack’s 400-mile claimed range was a significant selling factor when the business unveiled its truck in 2018. The “large” battery pack that comes standard with the vehicles has a range of 314 miles according to the EPA, but for the off-road clientele that Rivian caters to, every extra mile counts.

According to the email, vehicles with the $10,000 Max pack option account for around 20% of preorders. Given the 71,000 preorders mentioned in the letter, the delay will effect approximately 14,200 automobiles. It’s not the first time the firm has had to adjust its schedule; the R1T didn’t arrive until September 2021, despite the fact that the original intention was for the company to begin shipping its electric trucks and SUVs in 2020. The business intends to establish a second manufacturing plant (which will have more battery manufacturing capacity), but it won’t begin producing automobiles there until 2024.

While Rivian’s consumer vehicles are the most flashy (and the most fun to drive up a mountain in), the company still has corporate commitments. Amazon (who owns at least a 20% investment in Rivian, according to the S-1 filing that preceded the company’s successful IPO) has vowed to buy 100,000 delivery vehicles from Rivian by 2024. In 2023, Rivian hopes to begin selling those vans, as well as fleet versions of the R1S and R1T, to non-Amazon businesses. Customers and commercial contracts compete for Rivian’s attention, manufacturing capacity, and materials (including ever-scarce computer chips).

People who want their vehicles sooner will be able to adjust the specifications they’ve ordered, according to Electrek. The customer’s wants and patience will most likely determine whether they wish to. The complete letter, which thanks those who preordered Max pack-equipped trucks in 2018 and 2019 for their “loyalty and commitment,” was published by InsideEVs. People who haven’t yet received their anticipated delivery window could expect it later on Tuesday, according to the email.

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