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Ripple digital asset exchange, RIPPLEX, HITS THE MARKET! Innovation, compliance, defining new industry standards

On December 7,2020, Ripplex, the first value-added block-chain digital asset exchange of the RIPPLEX group, officially launched globally. RIPPLEX plans to create a more compliant and realistic digital asset trading platform for investors in the area of digital currency, and to innovate the joint digital shopping mall to implement a pilot application of the scene of digital currency shopping mall, the realization of digital assets exchange from 1.0 era to 2.0 era. RIPPLEX is backed by the RIPPLEX group, whose founding team has been focusing on the research and development of blockchain projects since 2016. RIPPLEX has made great achievements in the field of “blockchain + Internet of things” and has participated in the global supply chain blockchain pilot project of shrimp skin mall, to improve the accuracy of supply chain data to ensure food safety. This innovative Ripplex digital shopping mall is committed to using blockchain technology to establish low-cost connectivity between iot devices, decentralized consensus mechanism to enhance the security and privacy of the mall system, strive to achieve every commodity in the mall, in the block chain system to complete the certification, and have a transparent and safe record of goods. The information recorded in distributed ledgers also helps retailers better manage the shelf dates of different stores. One of RIPPLEX’s visions is to “accelerate the development of a better financial system” , in line with the goals of DCG CEO David Hilbert. According to the source, Ripplex was favored by Bary David Hilbert, the two sides or agreement to enter into a deep strategic partnership. The digital currency group’s investments include Ripple, the world’s first open payment network, Coinbase and Bitpay and Korbit, among more than 10 global digital asset exchanges. RIPPLEX uses the same level of security technology and master-backup Data Disaster Recovery Program as Nasdaq in the United States to achieve 360 ° , 24-hour top-notch security, fully guarantee the safety of users’assets. RIPPLEX has the world’s top blockchain industry experts composed of the Shanghai Currency Review Committee, relying on the independent authority of the blockchain assets research and evaluation system, from white papers, project application scenarios, technology, team organization, the project landing probability and the project progress track and so on make the multi-dimensional comprehensive analysis appraisal to the project, the full authority safeguards the project quality. At the same time, it has a complete system of protecting the rights and interests of customers, transforming the risks of the third-party projects, and saving the risks of customers’loss. The advantage of the rabostock exchange is that it has: 1. A stable and fast trading system that uses blockchain technology to remove barriers to trading and provides a professional digital asset platform with low barriers, low transaction costs, high liquidity and shared investment in Pratt & Whitney. At present, the platform also supports the exchange of more than ten mainstream digital currencies, such as BTC and ETC. RIPPLEX adopts the latest multi-factor security mechanism from the inside to the outside with high security performance. High Performance Trading Systems support the implementation of real time trading technology at the millisecond level, trading system order processing speed has reached tens of millions per second, optimize the transaction order processing delay and Cottonwood. Support millions of simultaneous online users. 2. Global Digital Assets Trading Platform RIPPLEX has perfect digital assets trading platform qualification, it is reported that, under the 3D license of digital blockchain Global Holdings Limited, blockchain holdings limited, blockchain investments limited, plan to obtain the global financial center of the digital asset practitioners, digital assets cross-border transactions, blockchain international investment qualification. 3. Operating System Kernel level security adopts a multi-layer, multi-cluster system architecture. The design of multi-layer architecture improves the performance, security, stability and expansibility of the system. Functional deployment, version update without downtime, to maximize the protection of the end user’s operating experience. 2021: RIPPLEX’s master plan is to attract more than 50 digital assets from around the world, build a leading trading platform for digital assets, promote economic development, and build an autonomous ecosystem of exchanges, combining trusts, funds, and foreign exchange, securities firms form a multi-dimensional integrated financial service platform, moving towards the era of blockchain 2.0. Three years to achieve among the world’s top three digital assets exchange, steady access to the global market, Ruibo exchange led the new era of the exchange has dawned!

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