QB Lamar Jackson wins AP 2023 NFL Most Valuable Player award

QB Lamar Jackson wins AP 2023 NFL Most Valuable Player award

The NFL’s highest award has been given to Lamar Jackson for his dominant 2023 season.

The 2023 NFL Most Valuable Player was announced on Thursday during the NFL Honors at Resorts World. This is the quarterback for the Ravens’ second consecutive year receiving the award; the first time it was given to him was after the 2019 season.

With 49 of 50 first-place votes, Jackson received 493 points, making his prize one of the least unexpected among the ones given out on Thursday. With 80 points, Josh Allen, the quarterback for the Bills, finished fifth overall and received the lone other first-place vote. quarterback Dak Prescott of the Cowboys (152) finished second, followed by quarterback Brock Purdy of the 49ers (97 points) and running back Christian McCaffrey (147).

Jackson finished the season leading the quarterbacks in rushing yards (821), passing yards per attempt (8), touchdown-to-interception ratio (24–7), and passer rating (102.7). He also placed in the top five in several important passing measurements. Jackson won the title handily thanks to a scorching last six weeks, which included outstanding performances in resounding wins over Miami and San Francisco. The prize was far from decided in December but was certain by January.

Jackson stood out among a crowded group by excelling in the moments that mattered the most, scoring 10 wins and 26 offensive touchdowns against teams batting .500 or better, both He was tops in the NFL in that category. He became the first quarterback since 1950 to win at least 10 games in a season against such a team, making the Ravens the favorites to win the AFC title at the start of the postseason.

Baltimore ultimately fell short of that goal, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. It was a shockingly frustrating game for Jackson and the Ravens, who scored just 10 points in a home loss to the defending Super Bowl champions. After the loss, Baltimore had only one consolation award left – MVP – which Jackson won on Thursday.

Jackson, 27, becomes the second-youngest player to win multiple MVPs in just a few months, surpassing Brett Favre and Patrick Mahomes and Jim, who won two MVPs in his trophy case before turning 23. He moved up to second place behind Brown. It’s an elite society that Jackson definitely deserves to be a part of.

The most important aspect of his resume is still absent: a Super Bowl appearance and/or victory. However, at 27, Jackson is only about to hit his peak, so the Ravens are fortunate to have one of the most exciting players in the NFL as a member of the team. They can now refer to him as a two-time MVP.

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