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New Book By John M. Zito All Set To Hit Shelves

John M. Zito’s new book titled “Why the Government is failing…We the People,” is set to hit shelves soon. In this book, John highlights different areas where the USA is falling behind and points to successes that could be learned from other countries based on his personal experiences. 

[California] Dated September 4th, 2020: John M. Zito has had the opportunity to travel to many different countries and has made keen observations about the way in which various governments are handling some of the world’s most challenging issues such as education, health care, and infrastructure. This is how he came up with the concept of his brilliant book titled, “Why the Government is failing…We the People.”

John’s observations as he’s traveled for the past 30 years gave him the impetus to put pen to paper. It also helped him to broaden his horizons and clearly see areas where the United States is heading in the wrong direction. John believes that the country can do a lot better.  In each chapter, he points out where he feels our country is deficient and then provides examples of where other nations and their administrations are doing a better job.

John M. Zito was quoted as saying, “I love my country, but it pains me to see how we are falling behind on so many fronts. My aim is to educate people about how other governments are dealing with similar issues in order to learn some tried and true solutions. We can and must do better, and I’m confident that, united, we can accomplish so many things.”

With this book, John gives a brief history lesson of how we got to this point in our country, and how we can pull together as a united force to address some of the basic issues that need improvement. He also announced that he would be donating 100% of his proceeds from the book sales to charity.

Those who would like to know more about the author and get a small sneak peek into the book should make it a point to visit

About John M. Zito

John M. Zito is an author who believes in broadening his horizons by looking at places where things are working well.  He believes that educating ourselves to a worldwide view will make a difference. He has traveled extensively and always picks up experiences and lessons along the way.


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