Mushrooms: Why you require to eat more?

Mushrooms: Why you require to eat more?

Mushrooms are a delicacy for some and however delegated vegetables in the food world, Sylvia Chelangat, a nutritionist, says they are not actually plants.

“They belong to the fungi kingdom and while they are not vegetables, mushrooms have been valued throughout the world as both food and medicine for thousands of years. That is because they provide several important nutrients,” she shares.

While there are a few mushrooms far and wide, in Uganda, the indigenous sort is what is privately known as obutiko obubaala. Ditty Kigozi, a mother, says separated from being added to groundnuts to make a sauce among the Baganda, they likewise help to ease colic in babies.

“After two of my children suffered with colic, a neighbour urged me to try them. While I was skeptical about it, the mushrooms saved me from the nightmare of dealing with yet another excessively crying baby,” she shares.

Preventive impact

While nutritionists rush to get tied up with the claim, different moms vouch for the cure.

Regardless, the doctors concur that mushrooms are a rich wellspring of nourishment and structure a significant part of sound nourishments. Different mushrooms found in Uganda incorporate shellfish mushrooms and catch mushrooms.

Taking a gander at the individual advantages of these, Chelangat says shellfish mushrooms are plentiful in protein and B nutrients.

“From research, they have been said to help fight HIV. More to that, extracts of oyster mushrooms have a potential therapeutic/preventive effect on breast and colon cancer,” she adds.

Concerning button mushrooms, she says, the specie is accepted to be successful in forestalling bosom and prostate malignancy in both creature and human cells.


On a general viewpoint, David Walugembe, a nutritionist, shares that ladies take folic corrosive or folate supplements during pregnancy to help fetal wellbeing, yet mushrooms can likewise give folate.

“A cup of whole, raw mushrooms contains 16.3 microgrammes (mcg) of folate. Current guidelines recommend that adults consume 400mcg of folate each day. Therefore, these would give pregnant women the needed folate amount,” he says.


Mushrooms are likewise wealthy in potassium. “This mineral aids the body in processing sodium as well as lowering blood pressure. Therefore, persons dealing with hypertension or are at risk of stroke can get many health benefits from regularly adding mushrooms to their diet,” Chelangat shares.


Mushrooms are wealthy in dietary fiber. “Therefore, they are important in dietary designs for type 2 diabetic patients since they provide a high satiety with less calories,” Walugembe shares. Seeing that they are low in calories, they are additionally extraordinary for individuals who want to shed pounds.

Chelangat likewise clarifies that mushrooms are an extraordinary wellspring of the plant-based basic cell reinforcement known as selenium. “Antioxidants protect the body from damage that would lead to one getting chronic diseases. That is besides strengthening one’s immune system,” she shares.


For those with sensitivities to gluten, Chelangat says mushrooms are liberated from gluten. “Gluten is found in wheat and people that are allergic to it will not eat any wheat products. However, with mushrooms, you can enjoy your meal without a worry.”


David Walugembe, a nutritionist, alerts individuals to eat just naturally developed mushrooms.

“This is because mushrooms absorb and concentrate whatever they grow in, whether it is good or bad. Mushrooms have been known to be concentrated in heavy metals, as well as air and water pollutants, so healthy growing conditions is a critical factor.”

While a few mushrooms are eatable, there are additionally noxious ones. The basic are dangerous webcap, and fly agaric. These ought not be devoured as they could prompt demise.

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