Matt LaFleur: Not a need to see Aaron Rodgers in preseason

Matt LaFleur: Not a need to see Aaron Rodgers in preseason

The Packers were relied upon to begin Aaron Rodgers at quarterback on Thursday night, however, he was scratched just before the game against the Ravens due to back tightness.

After the game, head coach Matt LaFleur said there were no long-term worries about Rodgers’ health and that the team would not like to make any by playing him at under 100 percent in the preseason. With starters unlikely to play in the fourth week of the preseason, that leaves one game for the Packers to get Rodgers some work yet LaFleur didn’t commit to anything after Thursday’s game.

“I think we’d like to see him, but you’re talking about a veteran quarterback who’s played a lot of football,” LaFleur said, via the team’s website. “It’s not a necessity, but it’s certainly something we’d like to see.”

The Packers take on the Raiders next Thursday in Winnipeg and it will probably be at least a few days before the team declares any plans for Rodgers for that game. In the event that he doesn’t play, the interest of seeing Rodgers in a new offense for the first time will be a major part of the development to the Packers kicking off the 2019 season against the Bears.

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